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Hiring Males for Female Facilities


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Female user phamyen123 1 post

Thanks for sharing this useful info

Male user carylouder007 1 post

mmm well said

Male user prome4 1 post

I agree. Being a professional is really difficult. A high level of competence is always appreciated, and those who invent gender inequality, obviously, plays a strange game. We have a woman in the production Manager and you know, I do not complain, because she does her job efficiently. You can see the results yourself level indicator

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

I’m a male guard who works in a Female Facility. We don’t have cameras in the showers here in Canada.
We use males in control pods. But we also employ the male/female partner system too.
Only female staff do unclothed searches. In four years we’ve been open here no males have been fired for acting inappropriately with female inmates. We’ve had 4 female staff let go.
In the male only prison I worked at, we had on avg. 2-3 female staff let go for relationships with male offenders. You can draw your own conclusions here. Weather you’re Male or Female staff, you need to be a Professional!!!!

Male user frydd666 22 posts

I know I saw an article about Ohio private run prisons, and from what I have seen, they need to tighten up considerably on their rules and on their staff. Apparently, whey have male guards with female prisoners and they watch them in the showers and toilets. The inmates are complaining and I can see why. I am no expert on prison facilities, but it seems to me they need only female guards in the showers and toilets. I work in a jail and we have both male and female inmates. We have cameras in each cell and we can see the cells, but if an inmate goes to the rest room, we cannot see them and when they take a shower, they have shower curtains. I know this is probably not feasible for a prison environment where they have showers and toilets that accommodate several people at a time, but I sure the system can be improved. The excuse given is that they are short staffed and if they increase their staff, their profit margin decreases. I spent many years in the military and everyone showered in a large shower, and everyone went to the restroom where there were no dividers. We were an all male unit, but even then, when I first got in, it was very hard to go to the bathroom with a guy standing or sitting right next to you. I can understand these women’s complaint, and the complain further states that the guards will not just walk on by, but stand and watch these inmates got to the restroom. Some of them making rude and suggestive comments. Come on folks! I work in a small jail, but I am a professional as I believe most of us on here are. We take pride in our professionalism. If these allegations are true, they demean all of us and give all guards a bad rep. This is the only case I have heard of where there are privately own prisons, but if there are more, and they are like this one, it is time to do away with them.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

The issue today is PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) and how facilities reduce the risk factors with males working in Female facilities. For years men weren’t allowed to work in our female prison with positions that had contact with thew women. Now with PREA employers are twice as careful with these issues in opposite gender facilities. We in our facility (local short term holding facility) don’t allow positions to be filled by males that have direct supervision of females unless it is just for a minute and within full view of surveillance.We lost an officer last year because of inappropriate behavior by a male officer with a female inmate. The risk is to high and expensive for the business or agency. I’m don’t know this is the reason for your predicament but certainly it probably was an issued discussed by the facility.

Male user CommCorrCarl 1 post

Let me preface this by saying I work in Community Corrections, not a jail or prison.

I work for a company with multiple facilities, both male and female, but the one I work in is male only. I interviewed for a supervisor position in a female facility and was not given the promotion. It went to a female with significantly less experience than I have. I am in good standing with the company, and my last review was great.

My belief is that the promotion was based on sexual discrimination. The female facility already does not have any males working there, but have stated they’d allow a male supervisor.

Does anyone know of any laws or precedents where this type of discrimination is allowed? Or do I have a good case to go to the EEOC about this?

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