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No lunch breaks?


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12517963451487469754us department of justice seal svg hi CHZBURGR 29 posts

No breaks in Idaho a strait 8. States don’t have to follow their on labor laws. No joke.

Male user Illinois Won... 15 posts

Also, the following post is “as I understand it”. I do not claim to be an expert, but I believe Federal labor laws REQUIRE at least 20 minutes of break if a person is going to work 7 hours or more, and the break has to be in the first 5 hours of work. In other words, if you are assigned to 3pm to 11 pm shift, your employer is mandated to provide at least 20 minutes for you to take a break at or before 8pm. Check with your financial advisor before investing in gold. Not available in all states. May cause drowsiness. Use caution when operating heavy machinery. Wil not prevent STD’s.


Male user Illinois Won... 15 posts

I will speak for C/O’s in Illinois. We are union (for what it’s worth these days) and we are contractually assured of 30 minutes UNPAID lunch. We are paid for 37 1/2 hours a week (8 hours a day minus 30 minutes lunch). If we don’t get our lunch break through no fault of our own, we receive time and a half for the 30 minutes. That generally only happens when transporting writs, or in the event of a real uh-oh. Reading the other posts, that seems like a pretty decent policy…

Male user OCCD 57 posts

Lunch break? What’s a lunch break?

Female user kerrybriana 1 post

Hello Guise………………..
Thats a very sadness news that you have a not lunch break. But which i do the job where 1 hour a lunch break.

Acai Force Max

Male user Goldenbelmont 3 posts

Where I work, we dont get scheduled meal breaks. If we are able to find the time then thats great. However, a lot of the time you go without a break to eat.

Female user StuckinOZ 13 posts

I work in a minimum security county community corrections facility, and no, we do not get breaks or lunch. We can grab a bite while at our post, if things aren’t too crazy, but no “coffee breaks.” Smokers sneak out to smoke, when they can, which is a pet peeve since one of us non-smokers have to cover their post while they are outside. But that’s another story. LOL. I’m pretty sure that our admin. could get into some trouble for not allowing meal breaks. However, the way it is, if we are able to eat at our post, we are paid for it…so I can’t complain.

My son works for the city, and they must take breaks even if they are in the middle of something important. They also get surprise bonuses just for doing a good job. Can you imagine that? The county would dry up and blow away before they would do anything like that.

Male user LCCHC 2 posts

Hello, I work at a County facility in PA. we have our breaks scheduled we get 2 ten min breaks and a half hour lunch all break periods are paid. In PA breaks are required by state law or federal law after two hours you get a ten min break after 4 hours you get a half hour. There are times that are breaks are cut short due to an incident however this is not common. You should search your state and federal laws regarding break times and law.

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

No, When I am in uniform and my hair in pulled back noone would even think this is me. So no i’m not worried at all I have had inmates tell me when they get out their coming for me , I just tell them to get to the end of the line. you have to have humor and lots of it in this line of work.

Female user SuperC.O 3 posts

hey igoturback, just out of curiousity, hope my question wont offend u.. you are a beautiful woman, but arent u uncomfortable by the fact that evryone on this site has access to ur picture… i personally am terrified of putting up my picture online just for the fear of an inmate having access to it…

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

ours we had it in the union contract that we only get 1- 20 min lunch break .

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Ohio gives no breaks for meals for officers either. You just find time somewhere during your day to eat and watch the convicts at the same time.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

Dear Bluende,
I have been in this buisness for 28 years, 3 prisons and 2 jails. NOne of the facilities ever had a designated “break” time however all alowed some time for some short breaks on the “clock”. Because we are such a unique buisness compared to private companies where they actually “produce” something or provide a service I have never found the lack of a formal break to be of great concern. I was an officer for 18 years and a classification specialist for the last 10. I like the fact I can do my “8” and get back to my family as soon as posiible. But this is just my opinion as I have a wife and 5 children ages 30-5. I know, big spread of ages. Here in Nebraska things go a little slower than many other places but inmates are the same everywhere. Corrections Experience:Nebraska, Oregon and Washington State.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Where I work it’s very common to work a shift without a break. The relief officers, unless they’re surprised when they come to work and are put on a post because someone called off, have the option of hitting the chow hall during shift. Those of us who are on a post get by as we can.

Female user bluende 2 posts

How common is it not to have a lunch break, or any break, during a full-time shift?

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