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Control Tactics


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Svt FordSVT 60 posts

Control = complience from the Offender.
Pain gives direction always. The application is key.
I also enjoy JuJitsu as well. It works to our advantage well without hospitalizing people.

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

In Ohio you must follow the guidelines set forth by the department…somtimes these techniques don’t always work

Male user OCCD 57 posts

Floridamaintains a standard DT curriculum and we must refresh/recertify annually. That being said, it’s basically watered down Aikido. Specialists typically study Krav Maga and will attend the Gracie School of Groundfighting. Additionally, advanced DT instructors that I know like Brazilian JuJitsu, but acknowledge that Shoto Kun or even Tai Kwon Do could be more helpful in mob situations, when taking an inmate to the ground isn’t your best option.

Male user heitmann 1 post

O.K. – Thanks for the Post. Kind regards – Nils Heitmann

“Heitmann – my personal Blog”:http://www.heitmann-travemuende.de

Male user eknies 1 post

Here in Minnesota we’ve recently separated our control tactics and self defense tactics into 2 separate courses. We are attempting to create our own subject matter experts instead of being tied to one company, the thought is to create maste instructors and certify them in variuos courses. Currently our Dept. uses just PPCT. I am researching what other departments are using as a Satndard for their Control tactics program i.e. what course (PPCT,PSS,SPEAR,CONTROLLED FORCE etc…) everyone is using to certify there own Instructor’s and Is anyone developing there own , and making them your Subject Matter Experts . Any information would be vaulable in my research, Thank you Lt. Eric Knies

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