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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

I doubt that this can be done. The body guard will have to be hired by you and paid for. The body guard would have to be approved by the warden. Then he/she would have to pass all training provided by the state/county to cover them legally and you would probably foot the bill for this. Then you would have to fight the work force that is probably under staffed and unionized. Then if all these hurdles could be covered you would have to go through some legal hurdles depending on polices in place.
The guard and security staff is who the blame falls on when the crap hits the fan. Then if that staff member is fallowing policy and procedure it falls on the employer. Though even if the staff member is fallowing P&P the employer will find any way they can to push the blame back on the employee to avoid a costly lawsuit.
Hope this helps.

Male user JD 2 posts

Thank You Squeeze! A great place to start. Ill reach out to them today. Enjoy the weekend.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

JD, here at our facility it is the resposability of Correctional staff to provide the oversight of the Contracted Medical staff. I would check with the NCCHC ( National Commission on Correctional Health Care ) to see what the standards are that apply. Secondly I would also check your state ,county and local statutes or State Jail Standards. It would seem unfathomable to me that the facility would not provide the security for contracted civilians, but as I have found out on these forums some states are definitly not up to modern standards.

Male user JD 2 posts

Hello all; Hoping someone can shed some light on this issue/challenge. My organization has initiaed an inquiry of a Civilian employer who has employees working inside a City Jail System providing medical, Dental and Psychological care to inmates. Even with a signed contract and performance contract. Who is ultimately responsible to provide safety and security for the Civilian Doctors who work inside the Jails??

There have been some assaults of the employees where inmates intervened on behalf of the doctors to end the assaults.

I understand CO’s are tasked with controlling the population of inmates, but who looks after the civilians, Its not like the employer can hire his own security staff to work alongside CO employees of teh jail, right?

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