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Covering Obs Cell camera's


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Flag shakey 191 posts

Thats why they’re call the hard asses…LOL

Male user tommo11 11 posts

In reply to OCCD, It must be painful if they are using the sprikle to wipe their butt.

Male user fioys 15 posts

another way to control if they are using paper to cover is limit the amount of paper they have access to. if they are abusing the paper we have in the past made them call in to get paper so they can go to the restroom

Male user tommo11 11 posts

There really shouldn’t be anything in an obs cell to cover the camera with, including toilet paper. They can’t cover the camera with nothing?

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

When it doesn’t you have to stamp your foot.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

You mean just asking them nicely and saying please doesn’t work? lol.

Male user OCCD 57 posts

We also confiscate if they don’t comply. We will leave them with nothing if we have to. Then the really bad ones break the sprinkler head.

Male user Odaak 5 posts

I tell them to remove the object covering the camera or I will remove all their property and leave them in their underwear. They usually take the object down .

Male user brian 1 post

Good day;

I am would like to know how people have solved the uncovering of obs cell cameras – there are occasions when inmates use wet toilette paper to covera the camera lense. typically this is happening after the inmate has been allowed some effects and then escalated again.

I am considering compressed air; as we can retro fit a nozzle in the case of the camera, then use the air to clear the covering.

Has anyone tried this? Or any other creative solutions to maintaining visual on inmates?


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