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What cell extraction tools do you wish you had?


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100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

illuminati said, “no one can take more than 5 shots without dropping flat.”
Pepper balls are fun, but not if you’re the one being hit. Most people will go down quickly when hit with one or two, but check out blutube.policeone.com for a video of a large guy who is shot repeatedly with pepper balls until, finally, a well placed round to the man parts brings him to his knees.

Male user illuminati 3 posts

in my facility we have all the above mentioned items and for last resort a mace ball gun. its kind of like a paint ball gun but it shoots balls full of mace. no one can take more than 5 shots without dropping flat. its a great tool to use to get someone to submit.

Male user crimedog 4 posts

I like it! Our cells are of an inside design, so no window access. I would really like to hear from someone who has first hand knowledge of how they were able to set-up use of canines for cell extractions. I understand that other pieces of equipment being used are small shields for better maneuverability, and then no shield but a stab proof suit on the from guy, etc. anybody just leave the POS to rot for a length of time (more then an 8 hour period) before the smash and grab?

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

We have had maintenance remove the outside window before and we’d gas him out from that window.

Cert logo STGSgt.gh0st 7 posts

I’ve tried to get my unit to install a Halidol sprinkler system for years, but apparently pumping high doses of anti-psychotics into a housing area and letting the offenders sleep for 16 hours at a time is “unethical” We do have access to the water main control valves in our seg area. We typically only turn their water off if they start flooding their cells though. For everything else there is the OC & Ninja Turtles.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Coming from the only tools we use are OC and the typical shield smash and grab team, anything new would be useful. Tasers & Canines come to mind first. Also why not utilize something in between the cells in the access panels where we shut off their water? Why not install some type of piping the can be cleared with pressurized air if blocked, and then used to disperse chemical agent? I’m sure I could come up with all kinds of interesting ideas if I had unlimited funds, but I’ll settle for some basics for now.

Male user crimedog 4 posts

That is where we are at, but weighting the pros and cons of an improved “Broom stick”. Anybody have or use one of those “Grabbers”, something like the grounds crew uses to pick-up trash? How about using ports from behind the cell, the air vents, anything?

Male user fioys 15 posts

we had an inmate use the mattress to block the food port and the bottom of the door so that OC could not be introduced into the cell, we then got a broom and pushed it against the mattress forcing it away from the food port so that OC was able to be introduced

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I can perfectly understand a response like that.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

The K9 units are excellent. I have seen inmates quite happy to face six Officers in full gear. But bring in a dog and one look at those flashing teeth and the noise of growling and barking they turn into the most placid inmates you could find. It must be a primordial thing.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I don’t know anything about using canines but really like the idea.

Cert logo STGSgt.gh0st 7 posts

Yeah, just search for Cell Buster

Male user crimedog 4 posts

Interesting concept. I went to the Saber page link you posted but couldn’t locate the item, is it on there site?

Cert logo STGSgt.gh0st 7 posts


There is one way to get around the access slot obstructions. I think any kind of battering ram type device would end in litigation. Offender would scream excessive UoF at the top of their lungs over that one lol. They do make a push bar that has a box with a hinged lid on the top so that once you get it into the cell you can open the top and use the opening to deliver chemical agents into the cell safely.

Male user crimedog 4 posts

The use of mattresses and other items as barricades or armor is making it difficult, if not impossible, to use the few tools that we have. Our Taser, Pepper ball, and chemical agents are blocked directly and requires our staff to go in and handle business. The old snatch and grab is bread and butter and what makes most of us want to be on the extraction team, we are just trying to counter the bad guys tactics. The staff and I believe a clearing tool would be suited best, something similar to a battering ram, but not exactly. Our ideas is to make it usable to create a hole in a mattress or other barricade to deliver the tools and equipment. In addition, it could be used to influence a threat to move from behind a barricade or move the barricade itself. What do you think?

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