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Need minimize hidden contraband..help?


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Male user Kriz 1 post

In my facility most come in through Visitation, and some through employees, another factor is the remote location of the facility i work at, surrounded by woods on all sides except for the access road to the parking lot, last year a tennis ball with black tar “dogfood” (heroin) was found between the double fence (betcha that inmate got a dealer with a better throwing arm the next time around)......We also have low level inmates allowed to work outside the fence, the community service inmates that goes out every day will get the drugs dropped, drop them outside the fence where the mowing crew will pick them up and bring them in (keister) or pick them up on the day that the complacent officer that don’t strip them out works…..its WAY to easy to get drugs in, and Complacency is our worst enemy….....I got my ass beat last year after finding a small amount of pot in an inmates shoe while working Visitation Strip Out Alone (put up one hell of a fight, but he had me by 130 lbs).....It was hidden under the insole of his shoe, because shoes where never checked by the regular!! DOH!

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

Its a sad fact that staff and volunteers bring in most contraband . Visitors contribute some not alot . outside details do their fair share . Right now I just want to say a lil something to the weak staff ” ur not worth the air it takes to fill your lungs” your personal dealings can get others killed. We should not only report bad staff when found out but go ahead an kick them to sleep. ......................................... ...................................inhale….exhale..sorry about that this subject gets me lil fired up

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

when pat searching a inmate pay close attention to the heams and seams like at bottom of pants leg the fly area or even stripes down the leg inmates make little slits then slide contraband in . staff should only be allowed to use clear bags and\or clear containers no bigger than a six pack . DO NOT do like my facility an sell microwave popcorn out of vending in visitation so visitors can share it with inmates . they drop little packages of contraband in popcorn inmates eat it . officer’s think its just popcorn.

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

i have worked in corrections since 2001 . I’ve shaken down many inmates , dorms and locker boxes. Last night while at work I was walking through visitation as i have many of times . This time through I noticed the vaccum cleaner in the orderly’s closet and decided to empty the disposable vacum bag into a trash bag . I found a potatoe chip bag containing 80 quarter’s ($20) and 2 small bags of drugs (pot) . Then went checking other vaccums through-out the facility all but 1 contained contraband.

Male user smoochieman 8 posts

One word… “keister”..

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

Your right on with weeding out bad apples and it’s hard when F.T.O.s bring things to brass and they do not listen and keep the wrong ones. I’ve seen it.

Female user alrupe 1 post thing is conduct more frequent 'random' searches of your inmates and incoming visitors such as medical staff, officers as well as clergy...can't tell ya how many times we found out that even the nuns were giving the inmates contraband!

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