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Inmates and disposable razors


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

They have Magic Shave and use it but I don’t see them getting rid of razors. If that’s the case we will never have an inmate use any tool for any job at any time. We issue them large metal locker boxes to store their property in. Seen that used as a weapon. They are sold locks to secure their property. Seen that used as a weapon. We give them plastic sporks to eat with. Seen that used as a weapon. We give them pencils and pens to write and do school work. Seen those used as weapons. Within reason anything is a weapon. We issue them items that they need to preform duties and take care of themselves. There will always be people who will use anything regardless of the consequences as long as it serves their needs. So a small razor is no different then any other item. If someone wants to do bad they will with what ever they have.

Male user frydd666 22 posts

We check out the razors and then sign when we get them back. We also check the razors to be sure they have not been tampered with. we did have an inmate that could hide a razor blade in his mouth. He had actually cut a pocket in his cheek, so we watch pretty closely.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

Can’t we just let them use the no-no hair remover?

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

We sell them on commissary here and yes it is. Though we do not have weapons made often from them since lighters are now banned. Though its a common thing for a loose razor to be in property. This has lead to me getting bit once. Now i am extremely careful with shaking down and Kevlar gloves are your friend.

Male user Sergeant Larkin 6 posts

we issue a single blade razor to each inmate upon arrival and exchange it once a week for a new one. if an inmate is caught with a broken razor or modified one they are held accountable for misconduct and loose razor. we house approximately 432 males and 1200 females with very little issue with razors since they all know consequences of actions, of course there will always be the exception to the rule but that is prison right. Be safe and good luck :)

Female user Corporal-Sassy 2 posts

We issue razors once a week for a couple of hours. When everyone is through, we collect all razors. Any alteration done to the razor results in immediate separation. The inmates know this, I know this, my officers know this. I don’t like the fact that razors can be bought on commissary in other facilities. Isn’t that dangerous?

Male user ron 1 post

I will be selling a single blade razor, total clear top, blade is visible, their will be a unique code printed on blade, code can be read using a cell phone will show if the blade is in razor, and not broken, or any optical device this allows officer to check razor at a distance from inmate.

hope this will solve problem of using razor as a weapon

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

Thanks, that reminds me about the inmate who wanted to kill himself had obtained two razors (not counted and not logged by the floor officer) then he swallowed both of them with pieces of bread. So I went to the hospital with him in an ambulance. At the trauma center the doctor called me into her office showed me an x-ray and it was amazing each blade was on the opposite side of the large intestine in the curve ready to drop down. The doctor said it was 50/50 if the blades passed without perforating the intestine which could be fatal on either side. He did pass them and we took him to the Ohio State Police for transfer.

Male user commander 277 posts

Another trick the suicidal inmates use is what we call throating the razor blade. We had an Inmate on constant watch and he cut the hell out of hisself. Almost died. During the Investigation, I asked the Sgt. who was present if the Inmate was strip searched per policy (DVR shows he was). Then I asked the Officer assigned to the watch. Both said he was strip searched very throughly. When I interviewed the Inmate, he said, “Lt. it wasn’t there fault. I throated a blade before they put me on watch.” When i asked what that meant, he said that you half swallow the blade (back of your throat) then after the strip search is over, you cough it up. He said you have to have the Inmate squat and cough. Some people are taught to have the Inmate bend over and spread them. Purpose of squat and cough is to clear the throat and rectum. I had 22 years in when I learned the “throat method”.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

I’m teaming up with Jamestown on this one. Something I’ve seen is an inmate will remove the blade from a razor and replace it with a folded piece of foil. (like you find in chewing gum packs or other items) So look close and make sure your looking at an actual razor blade and not some decoy.

Male user aztexguy 1 post

@ our max custody unit we used “boats” wooden carries w/50 holes…25 painted white and 25 red…white were new, red were used, we gave every inmate a razor and that way there was no confusion as to if he got one. we put the boat on the control outside ledge where the inmates could see it as well as ease for the staff..as we entered the run to turn showers we took as many razors as we had shower stalls for inmates…4 in some buildings, 2 in others….we put our name, locale, and amount on the whiteboard in supv office and when they were turned in the supervisor had to ensure u have the same amount u left with

A02582 large1 FedCO1044 6 posts

We keep a log of how many razors we give out and get back. Ex: If we give an inmate 3 we write it on a paper beside their bunk number and come back to get the 3. If the blades arent in the razor well we are coming in and your room will look like a tornado hit it.

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

Razors are a very serious security issue. I wish I had a list of all the times that inmates either broke a razor, swallowed one blade (or two like one inmate did). As a couple of you said its a really good idea to issue them only on dayshift, early in the morning before recreation. Each razor should be clearly marked in permanent ink with the last name of the inmate and date issued. In addition you should log every razor issued to inmates in your unit by date and time. When the razors are picked up by the CO examine them for any unusual markings, breaks, missing blades. We had one inmate remove the blade and tried to replace it with foil from chewing gum. The real safety issue is the blades are so small they can be hidden in walls, doors, tracks, under steel beds and under the jail bars. In our state prisons they issue a razor to the inmate but its locked on the bottom by a special key so the razor cannot be removed, that’s the best solution but it’s expensive so most county jails won’t use them.

Male user sgt253 6 posts

We only allow razors and nail clippers out from 0730-0900. They are inspected when handed out and returned to ensure the blade is intact. Inmates purchasing new razors submit their request with their canteen purchase. The canteen worker hands the purchased razors directly to the housing officer. Indigent razors are handled the same way.

Male user sam 5 posts

Due to numbers of suicide attempt incident this year, we are recently change our razor policy. I hope this help in someway, we collected all the razor and allow inmates to check out the razor with their IDs once a day, either in the morning before heading out to Court or later at night before lockdown. They must return the razor with in an hour of checking it out. I am hoping this way we save money and be vigilant while we are supervise prisoners in a unit.

Male user CqCasting 10 posts

Change the process, exchange the razors one-for-one and examine both to make sure the razor turned in and the one issued is intact. If the one turned in is missing, altered or broken a call to action of search and follow through is required, making the offender accountable.

Female user kat51604 1 post

why not use some sort of hair removing cream instead because im sure 99% of those razors are used to make weapons!!! im sure it would cost more ,but look at as saving lives that would really be cheaper in the long run i mean come on the time an inmate spends in the infermary after gettin cut up or actual deaths!

Female user co2be 2 posts

A company that may be helpful to you is Securitas, Inc. 800-705-4545 located in Richmond, VA. Their web address is www.no-shank.com. They specialize in safety products.

Male user batman59 5 posts

there no sure way to stop this but out of my years of being in corrections the best way is to have them sign for them then at the end of the week turn them back in the same three if they fail to turn them in or damage write the inmate up.also suprise room inspections would help

Male user jails22 1 post

i have razors that are used in correctional facilities and it is impossible to remove the blade. They are very very affordable please call me if you are interested. Thanks 804-519-3383

Male user shucop 2 posts

Try doing a one for one exchange. If they are altered then they do not get a new one. Then kick in their cell and do a search for the contraband.

Male user jmonta 43 posts

We are having an issue with disposable razors. The inmates are altering the razor and removing the blade, We are looking for a cost effective solution or some suggestions to correct this problem. We house 320 inmates and razors are distributed three times a week.

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