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A question about cellphones


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Male user bolognasandw... 1 post

I usually dont care if inmates have cellphones. I dont really care about much anymore. Since my wife cheated on me with a salesman from the hyundai dealership and took the kids and dogs with her I’d love to make some extra cash from bringing in cellphones. Child support and alcohol gets expensive. Bad thing is they have started patting us down and searching us since another officer got in trouble for bringing in contraband so I cant bring anything in. I just go to work and get my 8 hours of hell over so I can stop by the liquor store in uniform and go home to my 1 bedroom apartment and watch reruns of the xfiles. Its about all I get on regular tv since I cant afford even the basic cable package. I used to be able to bear my job of getting diet trays fixed and staring at butts and nuts by coming home to my family. The antidepressants and alcohol slowly started to wear on my wife, I started to gain weight from the alcohol, eating bad and no desire for any type of exercise. My hair started going grey and falling out from the stress and i was always mad. We bought a new family car and the young handsome college grad stud that conned us into a korean suv also conned himself into my wifes pants. I see these new officers that are still motivated, wearing full duty belts with 3 pairs of cuffs and ear pieces and enforce all the rules. They have blue line stickers everywhere, some even have fop tags on their cars. so they can pretend they are cops. They are so shocked by how us old guys dont care about silly rules, and how some people bring in contraband to make money. 10 years down the road when they are depressed, fat, divorced, and thousands in debt they will be sneaking phones in anyway they can. I had plans to play college ball after highschool, go to college start a business, and retire early. Now I just hope for a shanking and contemplate borrowing an inmates sheet.

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

Most people in this profession are proud to be in it. It’s obvious from your post that your’re experiencing emotional problems that I would guess were in place prior to your current occupation. No reason to slander an entire occupation. Just get a new job and a good counselor!

Male user justajailguard 1 post

That’s a pretty good deal. Around here, you can get $2000 cash per cell phone if you talk to the right people (High ranking gang members, etc). At one time, I was working a side job making $20/HR, which is pretty fair, but then I realized that that just wasn’t enough to cover the tab needed for the excessive drinking I was doing because of this job. So I decided that a $40 trac phone being turned into $2000 cash wasn’t a bad idea. Why work when you have that kind of hookup? Being a wannabe cop really takes it out of you. I mean, I can’t believe my life has been reduced to serving murderers bologna sandwiches, and exchanging their dirty underwear for them and making sure they have plenty of toilet paper. Makes me feel so good about my life in general that I just want to skydive off the top of the jail without a parachute, belly chained and leg ironed. But it’s ok, my psyche doctor has me on some medication that helps me get through every day of my pathetic jail guard life. But good news is on the horizon! The local hospital has a opening for a janitor, so hopefully I’ll get that job. I’d rather be a real poop-scooper than a fake cop. Good luck to you all. I’m glad to know there are people like me who have hit rock bottom in life as well.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

We aren’t allowed to carry cells or BB’s and rightfully so.

I might be having a brain fart here, but what are BB’s? (D"OH! It struck me as I was typing….. BlackBerry phones?)

Male user cat_daddy 3 posts

Not only the security concerns, but it also takes money away from the state or local government. We have a huge problem with cell phones here and I dont know about all of you, but I like getting paid for being an Adultsitter.

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

We aren’t allowed to carry cells or BB’s and rightfully so. Gang members run their business now from the inside. Imagine what they could do if they had a cell phone??
But yet, we still find one in a cell range every once in awhile.

Michigan Career_Cop 9 posts

Cell phones also work to enable prisoners to plan escapes more accurately. They don’t need to wait for the “timing” to take place. All they need to do is make a call and they’re gone.

In Michigan, cell phones aren’t that expensive, because only the ones who have them or can get them also control them.

Since we’ve stopped smoking in prison, that’s where the money is at! A $4.65 bag of Buglar at the store will bring more than $8K in pin-joing cigarettes.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

The reason for such heavy sentences is because it has been proved that gang related Murders had been ordered by inmates on smuggled cell phones.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

With us if they are caught with one they can get up to an extra 5 yrs on their sentence.


Cell phones are going at $1500 a piece in our Prisons.

Anybody have an idea what a cell phone will go for in other institutions?

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

They are not allowed. With us if they are caught with one they can get up to an extra 5 yrs on their sentence. Cell phones are going at $1500 a piece in our Prisons.

Female user TrichelleOD 3 posts

i dont think they should be allowed to have them, i think its ridiculous

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

What Mick said.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

The ability to conduct/continue their criminal activities on the outside without us eavesdropping on them.

Male user sayjack 3 posts

What makes a cellphone valuable to inmates?

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