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Padded cells for our mentally ill inmates. Yes? Or No?


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Male user shucop 2 posts

I work in a unit that houses nothing but mental health inmates and we do not have any padded cells or need them. The first thing to know is the inmates baseline and if they are acting contrary to this. When an inmate is starting to go squirrly, a mental health couselor is called in to do an assessment of their condition. Depending on the need, they are either put in a holding cell for further evaluation or moved to the facility hospital and put into a seclusion room. If further action is needed they are put onto a 4 point restraint table to calm down or given a sedative by the medical staff. Then their medication history is reviewed and their meds are adjusted if needed. A rubber room is not the way to deal with an out of control inmate because they do not get the proper treatment for their illness.

Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

We have the highest population of mentally ill inmates in the state. This includes the population of mental institutions. I work on this wing daily. We do not have padded cells. If an inmate escalates we can usually talk them down before they harm themselves. I’ve done it on many occasions. I see no use for a padded cell. I believe that it is up to the officer to bring the situation down to a controlable level. This can be done with refined IPC skills and just listening to what the inmate has to talk about.

Male user martygreen 1 post

Actually padded cells are used throughout Australia, in Prisons and Police. They are an effective tool in managing difficult inmates (either drug, alcohol or self harmers) and also ensure there is minimal contact between them and officers. The last thing that is needed is for officers to be continually placed in a situation where they are trying to man handle one of these people. Used properly, and for short periods these rooms are highly effective.

Male user mikecit 1 post

No No No, we will be going back 100 years with this kind of thinking , it`s hard enough for people with a mental illness to be excepted in today`s world, lets help people with a mental illness, spend the money for better things like keeping the consumer out of jail and spend the money on programs that help people with mental illness.

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