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Watching inmates at a hospital or other medical facility


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Male user algrob 24 posts

At my facility the inmate is cuffed dto the bed and has leg irons at all times. There is an armed officer present at all times during the hospital stay. Not the most plesant assignment that I have had to sit through. Also no visitors other than hosppital staff, if they are not family, and corrections personnel. No phone calls or contact with free world people.

Female user about justice 1 post

What I do not understand is why are these i/m’s legs being restrained to the bed, for those who do not know that is a cosidered Use of Force. No matter what the i/m’s custody is he or she should always be treated as if they were an H04 or higher.

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

In georgia medium security level inmates and below will be escorted by one armed officer and one unarmed officer . Inmates with levels close and above will be escorted with two armed and one unarmed officer . The unarmed officer is the only one allowed to come in contact with the inmate . There have been recent incidents that inmates have taken the weapon from officers enroute and/or at the hospital. Certian procedures at the hospital require the inmate to be unrestrained only unarmed officers should be allowed to remove restraints. Officers should always keep weapons out of the reach of inmates secured or not . Also officers should think twice about securing inmates to the bed the liability of something happing “like a fire” could result in some serious legal trouble. Only do this under direct order from your administration….......

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

We have two armed officers, unless the inmate is classified as an escape risk then a third armed officer is assigned as well. The inmate is cuffed to the bed, and usually we either leave the leg shackles on the legs or cuff one to the bed as well. the belly chain is secured by the officers until the inmate is ready to be transported again.

Male user Specialist 3 posts

In my agency we cuff the inmate to the bed and shakles at all times. First thing I always do is read carfully the inmate profile,release date, any close friend or family in the area,past dicipline reports, etc.While in the hospital, always search the inmate bed and remove any close object that he may reach such as the telephone, bible with hard cover, pen, and other objects theat usually you will find at the hospital. And always watch for those hard uthensils they give to the inmate with the meals make sure its plastic and disposable.

Male user IllPhillyPhan 11 posts

In Iowa, we use the belly chain to tether the inmates’ leg irons to the bed when they are admitted to the University hospital.

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