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Gang information database???


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Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

I have quite a lot of information about gangs from the seminars I attended for the NYS gang awareness and information from the East Coast Gang Awareness seminar. When I get some time I will summarize some of those in a special article for everyone’s benefit. Just in general I’m sure most of you realize that many of the assaults on inmates from other inmates are gang hits.

Male user bostonmade 1 post

I have some whats up

Cuffs capirucho 1 post

Does anyone know of any gang trainings in south Texas?

Male user muskrat72 11 posts

Sign up for the Midwest Gang association also as it is a tremendous resource. Contacting the STG coordinators at the State Correctional Facilities just north of Cincinnatti will also help in identifying problem gang members.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Treh. I would suggest getting your Management to get in touch with Cincinnati P.D. and ask them to send any relevant info from their Gang and Narcotic Units. I know from experience here that our colleagues in the Police are more than willing to trade info. Because remember we can be privy to some great intelligence that the Police would find near impossible to obtain. Our Intelligence Unit has weekly meetings with the Police where we swap intel. And both of us have found this arrangement extremely beneficial.

Female user Treh 4 posts

I work in a facility in KY and our state has recently passed HB463 which is going to have a huge impact on our local drug issues. I work in a region fairly close to Cincinnati, OH, and up until June 8th, the drug traffickers over there stayed in OH to sell their dope because an offense that would get them a year or less in OH would get them up to 5 years here in KY.

Cincinnati is known to have a rapidly growing gang population, and with the relaxation of KY’s drug laws we are expecting to see a significant rise in these dealers and gang members coming over here to do their business. That being said, as part of the classification process, we need to be able to start identifying gang members as they come in our doors so as not to house them with their rivals.

Does anyone know of any sort of online database that provides gang information? My facility has two staff members that attended training on gangs, but that was way before these laws were changed and now we see a need for our staff to be educated on much wider scale. Unfortunately, we all know how tight budgets take a toll on training, so we need to find something that doesn’t require sending our people out.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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