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Dew rags


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Male user Viking77 2 posts

dew rags are a bad idea. first of all they are not a neccessary item for daily life…and i think the commissary clothing items should be limited to those items, as they can be used for so many negative purposes.
Also, keep in mind that the signifier isnt neccessarily the color. Even if they are all white, the way the inmates wear them or the way they knot them can be the identifier. Remember the bloods/crips left and right side of the body thing that was prevalent in the 90s. Just my 2 cents.

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

They are contraband in our system. We don’t sell them or allow them either.
They to easily signify gang colors. I agree with this policy.

Male user WelcomingCom... 1 post

At the facility I work at here in Va. we do not allow Du Rags, or any type of item used as a Du Rag to be used in the jail at all. Not the cell, dayroom, or rec yard.

100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

Our canteen sells them in black only. They are only allowed on the housing units, nowhere else. It’s a constant pain trying to enforce that rule.
To answer Swartz’ question about religious head gear; absolutely no scarves. Religious headgear such as yamicas and kufis (spelling?) may be worn only wear other non-religious head gear is allowed.

Female user Swartz 14 posts

I am not familiar with dew rags/skull caps they are not worn or sold at our centres at all.The only offenders allowed to wear caps for protection against the sun are those working at the farm prisons who are allocated to workplaces outside eg.agriculture.What is your rule with muslim/jewish offenders male and female who wear scarves etc for religious reasons?Scarves is often used by offenders with suicidal tendencies.

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

In the facility where I work, they can buy them and wear them in thier cells some other officers let them wear them out in the dayroom..i see it they take it off..I don’t allow them in my dayroom.

Male user OCCD 57 posts

In my facility do rags are strictly forbidden, as is anything that can be used to hide contraband or one’s identity.

Male user Dave simpson 6 posts

I love to wear my dew rag during my shift , that way I can relate to the inmates much better!!!!!!!! Go San Diego Chargers!

Male user algrob 24 posts

We confiscate them as soon as we see them. They are a royal pain.

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

whether your comminsary sell them or not inmates will have them .If you do sell them make them a neutral color black or white. then any other doorags that are not sold through the comminsary become contraband . Personally I dont like anything that can conceals the idintity of a inmate i believe the head should always be visible . inmates in genral already wear the same clothes .

Male user muskrat72 2 posts

I work as a Correctional Officer at a medium security prison in Ohio. When I first started here dew rags (skull caps) were being sold in the commissary in black only and allowed in the housing area and on the yard only. A few years ago the Major lifted this restriction to all areas except for work, cafe, education and trips. I have yet to here of any inmate utilyzing this as a contraband source or a gang identifyer. I am not saying it has’nt happened, just has not been recorded.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

We have them readily available in our commisary in black. Inmates are allowed to wear them within their housing units, just not outside of the units. They are a pain.

Female user Seaspirlt 7 posts

I work at Elmira Correctional (NYSDOCS) and while they are available in our commissary they are only allowed to be worn inside thier cells. This was a result of them being used as a signifyer.Do yourselves a big favor and put the breaks on this ASAP.Its a constant battle with the inmates to only wear them in thier cells and it doesnt stop them from using them as a signifyer, just limits thier visibility.

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

doo-rags ya, next its going to be polish for the guys and curling irons, rollers whats going to be next.

Male user Jesusofficer 6 posts

Doo-Rags are a definite red flag. I spent six years pounding a beat at Sing Sing (NYS) before going to work at Rikers Island (NYC) and DooRags are a “signifyer”. Red ones signify Bloods gang membership ( black ones also) and the blue ones for Crips. You guys should nip this thing in the bud before it gets any furthur. Serious fellas…

Female user MissTeacher 1 post I work in a juvenile facility in Indiana. Our kids are allowed to order the dew rags off of commissary. They are only supposed to wear them to sleep in - not during the day. Most of the time we don't have problems with them. However, after reading a couple of the other posts I can see how there could be issues with hiding weapons or other contraband in the knots. Misty
Male user ckidwell 1 post Dew Rags are not permitted while inmates are in our county jail. They are not to be worn anytime during the day while they are to be in their uniform. Dew Rags can make major headaches in a county jail in my opinion. A lot of them have knots in the back and could make it easy to conceal their contraband.
Male user ACJCO 1 post They are considered contraband where I work and they are not allowed. If we find them we confiscate them.
Male user plang 1 post My facility is researching adding dew rags to our commissary listings. I have ben asked to get feedback from other facilities to see what kind of problems if any they have encountered with this item.

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