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Cell extraction


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Male user servicenearmee 1 post

nice post. thanks

Female user amicoaraskhodro 1 post


Male user commander 277 posts

They have these canisters that you pop the top off and throw in. They spin around and dispense OC or CS or Both. Can’t think of what they are called. Relatively inexpensive. Of course getting it into the cell is another matter.

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

I wish they would have a pistol or long gun that would shoot pepper spray rather than a hand-held canister. For the example of the inmates holding a mat against the cell you might be able to lodge a small canister of pepper spray over, to the side or under the mattress and when it hit would disperse. At that time the COs should leave the block and stand by for a few minutes, let it air out and then go in to remove the subjects.

Male user commander 277 posts

Don’t have an idea. My try Defense Technologies or GALLS. Not surel. When I was the OC and Chemical Coordinator for my Institution, I dealt with DEF Tech a lot. Jamestown is spot on. FOX is the ultimate OC. We used the 5 million SHU. It made inmates and staff lose their breath and litteraly throw up on the other side of the institution when FOX MK9 fogger was deployed. The Use of Force with OC dropped by over 60% after we went solely with the FOX. I could eat the other OC, not the FOX.

Male user sgt253 6 posts

Thank you to everyone for posting. The X10 is exactly what I was looking for. Any idea where I can find them used, or cheaper? The company is asking $1,200 for the system and $500 for each cylinder of OC. That makes it a hard sell for my command staff. Thanks

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

If you are talking about FOX OC we started using that about a year or so ago. With the Sabre brand OC and others I personally wasn’t affected as bad as I am with Fox. I came off the elevator for a backup call just as Fox was dispersed in a block and immediately started coughing and choking and spitting. It took me about 2 hours to get back to where I felt normal again. Commander you are right about barricading the cells with mattresses, I certainly would loved to have one of those X-10 devices.

Male user commander 277 posts

I have heard of a similar product. The one I was referring to has a metal tube on the end. In Ohio, most Inmates in segregation barricade with their mattress or tie their sheets and or blankets to the cell front. This device penetrates soft material and then allows dispensition of OC into the cell. About 18 months before I retired, we went to the 5 million SHU. Stopped a lot of the dumb stuff. We all had to certify with it. I was a chemical munitions instructor for almost 4 years. Ate a lot of OC when certifying staff. Everyone takes a Level One the first time then a Level 3 upon recert every year, the Fox is in a class all by itself.

Male user sgt.daddy 1 post

The device I believe you are speaking of is called the X-10 Barricade Removal Device (BRD) used by the California Department of Corrections. It is basically a battering ram with an attached OC MK46 sized canister. Jam it in, pull the lever and it instantly dumps the canister into the cell via the holes drilled in the business end.

Male user commander 277 posts

Fox has a MK-9 delivery system called a cell buster. It penetrates material so as to deliver the chemical into the cell. If I am not mistaken it is manufactured by fox.

Male user sgt253 6 posts

Lately, we have encountered inmates attempting to block their book/meal pass, and also the bottom of their doors during non-compliant cell extractions. We have many tools available such as: direct stream, fogger and hose delivered chemical agent, pepperball and taser. The issue is that the chemical agent delivery is lessened by the covering of the book pass and bottom of the door. Our hose delivery chemical is designed for extracting subjects from a vehicle, not a cell. The hose if flimsy and the metal pin doesn’t extend very far into the cell. Not to mention, I don’t want to risk an inmate grabbing it. Pepperball and taser are useless, in a live application, until cell entry is made. Watching some “Jail/Prison” shows on Discovery, I’ve seen a ramming type of device. It acts as a push bar to remove any obstruction from the book pass and then allows a good delivery area for the chemical agent. The sides of the device extend far enough that it is impossible for the inmate to pull it into the cell. I have not been to find this online and am wondering if anyone can help. Any other ideas would be useful too. Thanks

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