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Strip searching incoming inmates


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Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

There should be no debate. For the safety of the one being stripped and every other person in the building they can and will be stripped regardless of crime or guilt. We have a farm crew that is notorious for bringing in tobacco and weed. The issue is no matter how we have them squat spread or cough they have that stuff buried so deep it doesn’t move. We had to send one of them out for medical treatment because he tore himself up inside by cramping so much contraband so far up in himself. Later on that week we found a kit in one of the farm buildings. It contained rubber gloves, Vaseline, and a 18 inch plastic cylinder. Use your imagination.

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

I think I mentioned this before but no CO would want to be a booking officer when a State Trooper walks into the booking room with a loaded .40 cal, 4 magazines of ammo, pepper spray, stun gun and PR…then says, “here is your prisoner.” Oh shit….

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

It’s the same with us everytime an inmate enters and leaves the prison they are Strip searched. And they are also put on the BOSS chair and their clothes are put through and x-ray machine.

Male user commander 277 posts

That is the great thing about prisons, especially maximum security. Anyone coming in or leaving is strip searched. Start at the top of the head, the ears, mouth, work your way down. I used to make them bend over and spread em and then squat and cough. If there is anything up there, normally would fall out. However, if they want something bad enough, they know how to get it.

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

The US Supreme Court has made a ruling on strip searching that in essence allows inmates to be strip searched under specific circumstances. The one concern that I have is when you co-mingle an inmate who was arrested for drug possession or sales (strip search criteria) mixed with others on the same transport coming into jail. As most of us know the chances of that person passing the contraband to another inmate is always done so they (the drug arrested) is not charged with introducing contraband.How do you feel about that issue?

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