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A Troubled Jail, Divided Staff


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Male user Navarro 2 posts

I too wasn’t able to conceive of a solution to the division among staff, and I’ve been feeling this thing out for a year now. I very much hope though that in the end it doesn’t take the sacrifice of an officer’s life, or the sacrifice of an officer’s well-being through critical injury, before the staff begins to realize they each have common interests, and are all one another’s got behind those walls. As I’ve already tried to explain to a few officers: betrayal, hatred and warring cliques aside, we already are a family – just a very dysfunctional one, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve already gained something of a reputation for being a neutral party and an occasional arbitrator. I’m of the opinion though that leading by example just isn’t sufficient catalyst for the complete overhaul of the staffs tainted personalities and resulting neagtive behavior patterns.

If solidarity isn’t to be found through our mutual struggles, and compassion a word reserved only for those few who care, I worry of what exactly will become of us if this pending riot on everyone’s lips ever comes to fruition. Sun Tzu said “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war.” We are already thoroughly divided, and thus conquered. Nevertheless, I continue to hope there’s another way.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

The issue is deep rooted like terminal cancer. I sadly believe that in your case it will take the death of an officer and then the lawsuit of a family member for people to understand the seriousness of the actions they are taking. Unless the change comes from some of the highest players at the institution to where such actions will result in discipline and or even removal I doubt anything will change. As for yourself you have to take the high ground. It may be my hopeful optimism and belief in karma but if you do right maybe people can learn from you. I have learned over the years that there is always a third option. You do not have to choose any side in this war. You can serve your side. I guarantee if you do this you’ll not only be better off you should garner more respect from everyone. Also remind people that civil suits do not require the plaintiff to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt. Look at O.J. he did no prison time but had to pay millions for his wife’s death. If people can prove that willful neglect lead to their injuries the state, county, or federal institution that you work at will not be legally liable for the suit. The person whose actions lead to the injury will be.

Male user Navarro 2 posts

I’m an officer at a facility where there is an intense amount of division among staff and deep rooted morale issues, and it’s been this way for a very long time. The situation here is so grave that officers frequently trash-talk one another behind eachothers backs, to fellow officers and to inmates alike. Many officers bare such hostility for one another that they’ll even ignore calls for assistance and speak openly about their unwillingness to aid eachother. They’ll even boldly remark that they’d enjoy seeing the officer or supervisor they dislike injured. Supervisors berate officers in front of inmates, and both supervisors and officers can occasionally be found putting one another at risk through maliciousness and wilful negligence, sometimes resulting in staff assaults. Officers laugh at and mock officers who’re undergoing increased stress through incidents on their posts, and stab one another in the back on the regular. Officers are commonly indifferent toward depressed attitudes of one another, and generally just don’t seem to care about eachother in the slightest.

Here, unity and brotherhood is practically inexistent, as is safety and security. Is there any way to correct this staff’s behavior, inspiring them to convert into a team that respects and cares about one another – a family?

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