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Men working in womens prison


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Male user AcademicWon99 2 posts

I apologize for responding so late. Don’t get in here too much. However, I’d assume by now you are working within the environment. Whether or not you are, you’ll be able to gage this for yourself. You are paid to watch and observe people and their behaviors to include potential dangers and suspicious behavior the offenders exhibit. Much of which is based on drawing conclusions, paying attention to habits and things revealed to you and/or discovered by you. You need to know/understand (whether it seems ethical or not) that other staff members are going to do the same with you. The staff (i.e. administration, middle management staff & any other surrounding staff) will make certain complaints/statements/allegations (perhaps) regarding things that they claim you are doing/claim to be aware of. Just be mindful of all of your actions and how you deal with the staff and other offenders. Be professional and do only what is necessary and required. Others could perceive your actions differently, to include the things that you say. Be mindful of any statement that could have any dual meanings. Certain verbiage with a sexual connotation could be interpreted as flirtation or otherwise. Just be cautious with your actions and choice of words. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Male user Jomir117 2 posts

Thank you for responding with a thorough answer I really appreciate it. I would like more information from you if you if you don’t mind. The prison that I will be working in is a level V state facility I’m not sure what kind of factor that would play in can you express more on this. You mentioned on-looking staff what should I be concerned about the staff. I get the offenders checking me out but not the staff part. I thought you should should show respect to inmates not to embarrass them. Give me more of an example on doing this. Again I want to thank you for any feed back that you can give me.

Male user AcademicWon99 2 posts

Hey Jomir117,

You have to know that when dealing with offenders, the security level is definitely a factor. I work with low level security female offenders in a state facility, and it is not bad. However, with females, you will have to contend with them being a bit more mouthy. More often then not, it is not as simple as just telling them no and them accepting it – they almost always want to know why. However, your firmness within those moments establishes you as an officer. They are also more overt creatures emotionally. If you have to assist them with any problems/issues they are having, keep it to a minimum addressing only what is necessary, and refer them to other departments of specialty if/when needed. Maintain the stance of being firm, fair, and consistent in all of your dealings with them because there are (sometimes) issues made (through complaints made) to management of how you may be treating one offender differently than another (implying the possibility of your establishing a relationship, or showing favoritism). Other on-looking staff and/or offenders may be the culprit of such issues. They will start to observe how you are doing your job and interacting. Every male tends to contend with this, in some way, shape, or form. Do not allow their emotional outbursts (i.e. crying, sadness, or discomfort) be a something that you are moved by – this is manipulation. Just focus on the job and address them as necessary. Their tears cannot be your issue, outside whether or not she might be a danger to herself or others. Embarrass them when they try flirting or thinking that they are “cool” with you. Do not permit them to wear short, fitted or in any way revealing-type clothing in your presence. Check them and take their contraband. Keep them in their place. While you consider them human beings, do not think of them as women, but merely an aspect of the job. Know that all closed eyes are not asleep – (someone is always watching, be it staff or other inmates). And if it seems as if administration is not in support of your mission as an officer, just make sure you continue to do your job as efficiently as possible. Do you due diligence so no one can say you were negligent in your performance.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

Keep you hands to yourself.

Male user Jomir117 2 posts

I’m a male and I’m planning on working in a womens prison. Any advice? Thanks.

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