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If corrections had a slogan what would it be?


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Female user G.O.T.I. 1 post

Where the Streetmeets the Big House

Male user bigshow 3 posts

Why be free and pay when you can live for free !!!!

Untitled centella 14 posts


Untitled centella 14 posts


Female user Lt458 1 post

“Correctional Officers – where law enforcement begins”

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Thank God for stupid Criminals.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

If it weren’t for beans, we’d all starve.

Male user Sgt. NO 9 posts

Over wroked, Underpaid and Under appreciated.

Jumpyoufuckers OhiosThrough 8 posts

I interviewed there but ended up elsewhere. Been there a few times for meetings and training and such.

Flag shakey 191 posts

From the time they opened, transfered from Man.C.I..in 98

Jumpyoufuckers OhiosThrough 8 posts

Shakey – sorry, I see you still work at RICI. How long you been there?

Jumpyoufuckers OhiosThrough 8 posts

Oh, OK. Just odd because I think the Shakey I knew got out. Glad you didn’t do time none the less! Thanks. How long you been away from RICI?

Flag shakey 191 posts

No, I work at RiCI. Have done no time, just got the name SHAKEY from my own little company SHAKEY JAKE"S ’S Hot Sauce. here in central Ohio.

Jumpyoufuckers OhiosThrough 8 posts

Shakey – got a question in all seriousness. Did you ever do time? I knew someone who went by the nickname of Shakey at the prison I teach at. – Thanks!

Flag shakey 191 posts

yeah Realist02, know what you mean, sort of like those prissy collage kids that have their parents pay their way or better yet get all those student loans. Then they bitch when they have to pay it back and are tring to get the Government to erase their debt. (I think that falls into looking for the Government given them a break to) I have a GED + some collage and make $20+ per hour. not enough to get rich but it does pay the bills and all for doing the work that you would not lower yourself to do. your just pissed because can get a job at your educational level that pays as well. You disgust me, you wanna-be party animal.

So here’s a slogan for just you- GET A REAL GOOD PAYING JOB, SO YOU CAN KEEP PAYING ME.

Jumpyoufuckers OhiosThrough 8 posts

That’s easy!

WORK FOR CORRECTIONS: Carry out mindless orders by incompetents who’d soil their pants if they ever stepped inside of a prison.

Male user oneknight55 2 posts

Realist02, did you mean to come to this site, or are you just lost?

Male user realist02 1 post

Stop complaining about your corrections job. If most of you didn’t party your whole high school carrer away maybe you could have gone to college and got a better job, your lucky that civil service jobs are available to lazy pieces of SH** like you. Suck it up. I know all these guys who didn’t do anything but party their faces off and barely made it out of high school with a GED and now they have jobs as COs, I cant stand when lazy people are given a break by the government.

Female user StuckinOZ 13 posts

“corrections…..thanks for nothing.”

I love that! When law enforcement comes to the facility after a fight or escape, they walk in with their vests, tasers, guns, night sticks, and pepper spray. Then they treat us like we are the lowest of the low. Heck, anyone can be tough with all that gear to protect themselves. We face the same felons day after day with only a radio. So I figure, don’t look down your nose at me, buddy.

Male user Jaeric 1 post

Security is not convenient.

Male user boss1180 2 posts

corrections…..thanks for nothing.

Male user boss1180 2 posts

they talk it….we walk it ..corrections…the job they’re glad they don’t have

Male user William3C 1 post

Whatever it would be I would hope it would be professional. I believe that our biggest issue is with the media portraying us as thugs. As a result we would benefit from some good “branding”. Maybe something along the lines of ….
“Corrections – Protecting society is our primary mission – Pray for us while we are inside.”

Female user Kellie 14 posts

Corrections: Because you just cannot fix stupid!!!

Male user Gunfighter 21 posts

“Walking With the Predators”

We walk among the predators and silently serve, because nobody else will!

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