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Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

A couple of weeks in the Prison and people like him say to themselves “Oh Shit why am I here. I dont need this”. And they pack up and leave. Don’t be surprised to see half your Class gone in the first year.

Dream car BridgeportCO 63 posts

I sure hope so, I don’t want anyone to lose their job, but I will be keeping a slightly paranoid eye on them, thanks!

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

Bidgeport just disregard that goofball. This is what I call the “I’m here for the money” type of officer. They are the last ones you want in an active fight or to call for backup. If he came on my tier or floor I would probably tell him to hide behind the door so he doesn’t get hurt. As for reporting either him or the female recruit just for the time being keep what they said or did in the back of your mind for later reference or make a note of it at home, date, time, etc. Right now it’s more important to learn the job. Hopefully an FTO will catch both of them and they will be gone before the probation period is over.

Dream car BridgeportCO 63 posts

Sitting in training today, discussing Use of Force, and a co worker of mine says, ‘What? You think I actually pay attention to this s#@t? This is just a job.’ So I tactfully (it took A LOT to be tactful) told him, ‘I really hope you aren’t on my shift, because it would scare the hell out of me to have to rely on you for backup. You are going to get someone hurt, including probably yourself. If you can’t give 100% to this you need to go somewhere else. It takes a better person to admit they can’t, or won’t, do the job than to be the type of person who only sees this as something to pay the bills. Go back to Walmart, that attitude won’t get anyone hurt there.’
I really don’t think a single word I said made it through his head and I’ve thought about notifying a supervisor, would that do any good? Or would it go over as well as my concerns over the woman that can’t even do stretches without sitting down to rest and drops guns?

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