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prison-sanctioned tatoo program for inmates? Good or bad?


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Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

It’s bad mmmkay

Male user cjprof 4 posts

Initially, it sounds like a good idea. Preventing the spread of disease could potentially save a department a considerable amount of money for health servives. I read an article here about Canada actually doing this in some of their facilities. However, from a pratical standpoint, this will not work. The tatts that inmates are interested in (i.e. gang identifiers) would not be approved. Therefore, black market tatts would still transpire. I would venture to guess that roughly 40-50% of the tattooing at our facility is gang related in and of itself or is being done on an identified gang member.

Male user smoochieman 8 posts

This is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard of. No more elaboration is needed.

Male user 1265 13 posts

Lets not forget what incarceration is for. They broke the law-the courts took away their rights and threw them in jail to do time. If the powers that be continue to make that time easier to do, then what’s the point? Recidivism- all you liberals who come up with these less than brilliant ideas of making incarceration more convenient should work in a jail or prison for a couple of years and see the word in action. Too many keep coming back!!! You want to fix something? You should take your bright ideas and programs to the grade schools and see if you can keep the little ones straight because by the time they get to us…....Recidivism

Male user trey 2 posts

hello? are we forgeting who we are talking about? please, inmates deserve what? oh more tax payer dollars? they got themselves in there, why should we give them things to make the time go by faster? Enough is enough.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Bad Idea. When most inmates arrive in processing they are photographed and their Tat’s logged. And every so of ten during a shake down any new Tat’s are logged. Now you give inmates access to Tattoo guns they would be able to alter their Tat’s at will. And also as most CO’s know certain Tat’s denote gang affilation and rank. Do we really want to make it easier for them that it already is. I think not.

Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

NO. It will just lead to the inmates doing unauthorized tattoos for cheaper then what the authorized ones are. Tattoos in prison are money and they aren’t going to lose it. And you won’t be able to determine which is which. Then there is the fact that when one of them contact MRSA or an STD (not even related to the tattoo) but have had a tatoo approved by the state then the lawsuits begin. And for us C.O.’s you know that means someone is losing a job and it won’t be administration personnel.

Female user LADYGUARD 3 posts

This coming from a man who uses a rubberband and a paperclip to hold a door open rather then leaning over and pushing the button. Perhaps your Department would like to know that you can be replaced by a two item for 25 cents at officer depot. what a savings.

Male user RangerMike 1 post

When was the last time you worked custody LadyGuard? Get your throat slashed by a tattoo kit? Have you ever seen a tattoo kit? You need to do your rounds more often and get into those dorms. Observe and report. Not sit and watch! I say give them something to tattoo themselves with for better identifiers when they are on the streets breaking the law!

Female user LADYGUARD 3 posts

As we all know, when you give these inmates an inch they always take a mile. . . or two. For someone to think that it will lessen rioting and fighting, you’re crazy. They are inmates and they are always going to fight and riot. Just now you have another weapon to look at as it slashes your throat. Give me a break. They only get what is afforded to them per Title 15 and nothing more. Its easier to do your job that way. Ive never had a problem.

Male user rodcop74 1 post

To me this is exactly like leagalizing marajauna just because “people are doing it anyway”. At some point we as correctional staff need to say enough is enough!

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