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Aug 14, 2007
Female user hny4jc 2 posts

Topic: The Club House / Living breathing flesh ?

I am new to the field and of course still have the “academy” in my head. I am not a person that cuts corners, never have been. Because of this I am amazed at the way that security checks are being conducted. Veterans fly through the living areas (graveyard shift) and within 30 seconds they have checked for living, breathing flesh and determine that all 24 inmates in one tent are indeed living and breathing. Inmates are all bundled up at times and you cannot see them, their breathing is so flat that even when you shine the flashlight onto their body you won’t see them breathing. A gentle tab on the bed causes some inmates to slightly move their foot or arm but some inmates get ticked off at that and THAT is the reason (as I’ve been told) that many officers just move on and don’t make an attempt to see if the inmate is indeed living and breathing.

I can understand for the inmates to be annoyed if someone wakes them up even with a gentle tab but how else would you determine if you have living, breathing flesh under the blanket that covers all of the inmate ? I do not want to and I will not cut corners because someone is “inconvenienced” and I most certainly do not want an inmate dying on my shift and his troubles were not detected because I failed to do my job and fly through the living areas in 30 seconds.

How do any of the more experienced officers handle the bundled up, covered up, hourly living, breathing flesh issue ?

Aug 14, 2007
Female user hny4jc 2 posts

Topic: The Club House / Women working in Corrections

Male facilities are no place for a lady to work.


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