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May 08, 2007
Male user harrahjc 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Taking Officer Exam

Subject: Captain's Exam Message: I am a Lt. for the NYSDOCS and am looking for an online studying partner for the upcoming captain's exam. Any DOC'S employee interested? Point of Contact: Scott A. Renshaw NYS Dept. of Correctional Services USA srenshaw@twcny.rr.com Response: Captain's Exam > what is that??? In the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections Captain's are not promoted by exam > they are promoted by who the favorite is at the time. It would be nice to see promotions made base on exams, then maybe we would see some Captains that are actually QUALIFIED!
May 08, 2007
Male user david rivas 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Starting Career in Corrections

I have over 32 years in the field. The stress of the job is not quite what some make it. It helps if you share you daily experiences with others. Inmates for the most part will recognize your authority... be yourself. Inmates will know your new, don't pretend your not. Ask questions, find a mentor and someone you want to take after, but as stated earlier be yourself. If you tell an inmate you'll get back with them, do so. If you don't know, admit it... they respect that more than they do phoniness. Good luck! David Rivas
May 08, 2007
Female user BladeRunner 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Starting Career in Corrections

I have a question for the C.O. veterans out there. Since I have been thinking of a career in corrections and I wanted to know how CO's deal with stress and does the prison culture spill over in their family life? I have been reading some statistics that for some CO families their were problems with alcohol, domestic abuse, and so on.
May 08, 2007
Female user arzkttn 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Women working in Corrections

I would like to find information/help on how to cope with being a woman detention officer in an all male facility. Needless to say I have some special concerns and issues that a male officer would not encounter. My co-workers and administrative staff are supportive, but I need to find a way to deal with inmates that think that because I am a woman they don't need to listen to my instructions.....the same instructions that any male officer would give them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
May 08, 2007
Male user kdobson 1 post

Topic: Everything Education / SORT Academy

I am trying to put together a SORT academy and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what all i should include in the academy
May 08, 2007
Male user Blai 1 post

Topic: Security Central / In-house crime scene preservation team

We are currently involved in attempting to create and in-house crime scene preservation team. We have a population of approx 300 inmates and will be moving to a new facity this year that will double that number. Can anyone offer guidance on procedures, policy etc to get one on the road. The administration is amenable to allowing this as we are all certifed peace officers in the facility. This would alleviate tying up a road patrol deputy or detective. For private communication use blai@co.ulster.ny.us (working hours) or wlai_co_ulster_ny_us@yahoo.com (anytime) Thanks.
May 08, 2007
Male user db6566 6 posts

Topic: The Club House / Want to live/work in USA

Hi my name is Dave,16 year veteran of HM Prison Service(England,UK)currently employed as a senior officer(equivalent to sergeant/lieutenant)at HMP Dartmoor.I am absolutely desperate to live and work in the USA, can any kind soul give me any info on how to negotiate the minefield of immigration?I've worked with every type of offender in every kind of prison here in the UK and in Grand Cayman,I would consider any vacancy, in any prison ,any state,public or private sector.Does anyone know how I would go about this?Thanks a lot,any replies to badmojo6566@hotmail.co.uk
May 08, 2007
Female user mardina 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Working 3 to 11 Shift

i also work the 3-11 shift in phila co. and am interested in chatting.
May 08, 2007
Female user ladygoodwrench 1 post

Topic: The Club House / On the 10pm - 8am Shift.

First time here in forums... I work in Missouri.. 10PM to 8AM... ten hour shift 4 day work week... Always looking for people in same occupation to converse with...
May 08, 2007
Female user Kimmie B 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Midnight cowboy. 19:00-07:00 shift.

I am a midnight cowboy(ehm girl). I work 19:00-07:00. If you are interested in chatting let me know and I will forward on my work e-mail.
Jan 10, 2010
Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Topic: The Club House / CCW

Mick is a sharp dude.

May 08, 2007
Male user joecrumley-c... 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Swap Patches?

Dear Fellow Officers; i am a Canadian federal corrections officer.We have a display in our jail of cloth patches and metal badges from over 60 countries corrections services.If you can send me an insignia item from your country please e:mail me.I will send CSC insignia or others in return.Thanks. joecrumley@hotmail.com
May 08, 2007
Female user www.sweet_ja... 1 post

Topic: The Club House / Medical Staff 24/7 on call

i am the only medical staff at the county jail that i work at and have requested i be allowed to work the 12 hour shift but not on nights. they of course will not let me as i am on call 24/7 anyway. i would love to have 4 days off after every four. oh well such is the life of medical in jail. nurse parker
May 08, 2007
Female user jailnurse708 1 post

Topic: Health & Wellness / Prenatal classes for inmates

I am a nurse at a regional jail and occasionally we have a female that comes to us pregnant. I am working on setting up some type of prenatal classes for these inmates. Right now they are sent out to the OB clinic at the local hospital but they do not receive any type of prenatal education. I am looking for some ideas from anyone that provides this type of service to female inmates. Thanks in advance.
May 08, 2007
Male user jmonta 43 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Prenatal classes for inmates

Try these resources: The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, in conjunction with the University of Texas Medical Branch, has developed a post-partum unit that specializes in fostering the bond between female inmates and their newborns-the Love Me Tender Program. Dr. Ben Raimer, Chief Physician Executive and Vice President of Correctional Managed Healthcare at UTMB.
May 08, 2007
Male user TRod 1 post

Topic: Juvenile Jam / Mental health exams for Juvenile Justice workers

I am interested provide mental health exams/test as part of employment process when hiring Juvenile Justice workers, both on the residential and field side of the field. If so do you find it beneficial in the quality or retetntion of staff, or a predictor of inappropriate behavior on part of employee. Thanks/Gracias Tito
May 08, 2007
Male user scottb 3 posts

Topic: Juvenile Jam / suicidal juveniles

I am interested in other custodial suicide prevention measures utilized by juvenile detention centers. We have one that I would be willing to share with others and compare.
May 08, 2007
Male user joseph vatti... 1 post

Topic: Juvenile Jam / juvenile record expungement

Do you have a policy regarding the expungement of juvenile records? If so, what is it? Thank you.
May 08, 2007
Male user plang 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Dew rags

My facility is researching adding dew rags to our commissary listings. I have ben asked to get feedback from other facilities to see what kind of problems if any they have encountered with this item.
May 08, 2007
Male user ACJCO 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Dew rags

They are considered contraband where I work and they are not allowed. If we find them we confiscate them.
May 08, 2007
Male user ckidwell 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Dew rags

Dew Rags are not permitted while inmates are in our county jail. They are not to be worn anytime during the day while they are to be in their uniform. Dew Rags can make major headaches in a county jail in my opinion. A lot of them have knots in the back and could make it easy to conceal their contraband.
May 08, 2007
Female user MissTeacher 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Dew rags

I work in a juvenile facility in Indiana. Our kids are allowed to order the dew rags off of commissary. They are only supposed to wear them to sleep in - not during the day. Most of the time we don't have problems with them. However, after reading a couple of the other posts I can see how there could be issues with hiding weapons or other contraband in the knots. Misty
May 08, 2007
Male user deputy5003 1 post

Topic: Security Central / High pressure water- less than lethal

I am interested in facilities tht use High Pressure Water as a Less Letal Use of Force. would like to find a policy that covers it.
May 08, 2007
Female user Taunya 1 post

Topic: Security Central / Searching women who were veils for religious reasons

I would like to speak with anyone who has a written search policy that addresses searching women who wear veils for religious reasons. Since housing Immigration inmates, this has become a sensitive issue. If you have a policy you can share please email me a copy. Thank You
May 17, 2008
Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Dumb Laws from History.

Ok. Useful info if I am ever in a quiz. But to be truthful not a lot of value otherwise.

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