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Sep 17, 2007
Male user prisonco 2 posts

Topic: Security Central / Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) training? Any policies?

Be careful if you use a streaming canister. A fresh can has a lot of pressure and can cause damage to the eyes at a distance of less than 5 feet. It is called hydraulic needling effect. It can actually put a hole in the eyeball.

The newer versions of OC are called THE PUNCH and FREEZE+P. SABRE RED is very potent stuff too. Freeze+P is a little bit of OC and CS and will create a burning sensation and the sensation of being unable to breath. Any inmate that has built a tolerance to OC will drop with a good dousing of Freeze+P.

Sep 17, 2007
Male user prisonco 2 posts

Topic: Juvenile Jam / What about juveniles getting life without parole?

Work a youthful offender dorm at an adult institution. The majority of them have comitted heinous crimes, charged as an adult and are serving life in prison. Florida abolished parole a long time ago so life in prison means natural life. They will only be released from the confines of the perimeter in a body bag. Working with juveniles takes a lot of patience. Trying to control them with threats and intimidation will just get your butt kicked by them. Staff interaction and direction is how to deal with them. They can not be ignored or they will cause problems. Stand your ground and let them know the direction you want them to go and that if they stray from that direction there are consequences. (i.e. loss of gain time, confinement, etc.) I don’t yell, scream, “snap”, get frustrated or threaten them, however if they stray I will administer progressive discipline including confinement. I have yet to have a juvenile “snap” on me, threaten me, assault me or physically refuse to be handcuffed. I refuse to let them get the better of me at work and especially refuse to bring it home. I have been asked by the administration why I like working with them. It is a daily challenge to keep them in line. These kids were not born evil or bad. They had no responsible adult to point them in the right direction. They are a product of their society watching everyone they know committing crimes. They do know right from wrong however they have been taught that the wrong way is the fastest and easiest way to get by. It is my job to interact with these kids and keep them under control by teaching them to right way to accomplish things.

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