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Feb 26, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: The Club House / Want to live/work in USA

state of pa-youth development-aide,supervisor,counselor,counselor supervisor,manager,director

all positions are hiring

PA is a great place to live

eamil me if you need help applying turbo38@mail.com

Feb 26, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: The Club House / screwed up security

juvenile lockup-we have magnetic locks on the doors-they have been kicked open-when the power goes out all 30 doors pop open-fun stuff when your by yourself working 3rd shift-all the females in the other buildings start screaming over the radio the doors are open the doors are open-the guys say run and hide run and hide-funny but not funny—the shit could hit the fan

Feb 26, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: The Club House / Women working in Corrections

I hate working with females -in my 9yrs working in juvenile corrections it has been nothing but problems-they fuck the inmates-bring in contraband, the whole lack of respect thing makes for some bad shifts-the kids look around-by kids I mean 17-22 yr old gangbangers from Philly-they look around and see a weak shift and then they start trying to do their own thing and then a staff confronts them and they talk back—and get away with it and laugh

I have worked with females who run away from restraints or will flat out look at me and tell me hey go restrain him he called me a bitch-she is a bitch and I don’t restrain inmates as punishment for disrespect-only to control them if they can’t control themselves

male staff have to do more work when there are females on shift-not only putting out more fires so to speak but by doing more strip searches-watching the showers and bathroom call—doing the transports

the last female that I talked to used to say yeah I can hold my own in a fight -then I asked when was the last time ypou were ina fist fight-they say never—so I saiod you have never been punched in the face by a 200+lb guy and kept going

so then I ask

if you are getting raped by 4 thugs lets call them all tyrone--you call for help on the radio-her eyes get real big because she never even thought about rape before-I ask who do you want to see coming around the corner to save you-another female your size or a staff like me 6’3 280lbs of miserable bastard--the answer that all 20 or so females has given mewas-well if you put it that way—I want you coming to save me

then I ask if it is fair that every time there is an assistance call that everyone turns to me and the other big males and say go go go

i ask is it fair or who will tell my kids when I’m dead or in the hospital that daddy called for help but only little Andrea was working and she ran the other way or she tried to help but got tossed down the hallway

remember i work juvenile treatment/corrections-we get no equipment—no self defense training-just a radio to call for help

not safe-stay out of the prisons ladies-it causes problems-and you could get raped-or get someone besides yourself killed

have I explained it clear enough—you make my life hell

Feb 26, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: The Club House / Do you belong to a Union?

afscme for state of pa workers-does nothing for us here at the juvenile treatment facility-oh it has gotten shit staff their jobs back after they flat out abuse the teenagers—I’m talking dropping elbows and knees when they are already being held down and not fighting back

they help the females get their jobs back after they fuck the inmates and bring in wire cutters—brass knuckles alcohol and cellphones

but for the everyday bullshit such as staff getting mandated for double shifts all the time, staff getting mandated for shifts that are not their classification—the lack of safety and 0 self defense training our union is shit

I think the local union president is being paid off-we get nothing accomplished-everything falls under management has the right to manage—or emergency operational needs

they take $20 from me twice a month

Feb 26, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: The Club House / On the 10pm - 8am Shift.

1st 2yrs in juvenile treatment/corrections I worked 1am to 9am then transferred to the bootcamp part of the campus to be a drill sgt 9pm to 5am 2004 I went to work for my current employer-dept public welfare state of PA and I work 11pm to 7am but get mandated for double shifts-11-7 then 7-3 all the time because we are short staffed and the staff we do have call off sick all the time

my experience is 3rd shift workers are looked down on all the time and not given the same respect as the 7-3 3-11 staff-they consider the shift a necasarry evil-they don’t like how easy our job is but they don’t jump on the open bids when they can-they also don’t understand the stress and how hard it is to sleep and the stress of not knowing if we will be allowed to go home at 7am—this stress is every single day-we just don’t know if enough people will show up at 7am until it is actually 7am

and I am so tired of waiting for people to come in-the slow lazy people who have to run to get a big coffee and then show up 15 minutes late everyday-and then they get mad when I put in for OT-they take advantage of not having time clocks-they falsify the sign in sheets and say they were here at 7am-say they worked to 11pm when they actually ran out the door at 10:45-bullshit

Feb 26, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: A Broader View / New guy here, juvenile jail staff

don’t understand how you can say I am like the coworkers

I show up for work on time,I don’t call off all the time—maybe once every 3 months and even then noone else gets stuck doing a double shift for it

I have experience working with these thugs—I can hold my own in a fight/restraint situation

I follow the rules and don’t give contraband to inmates

explain yourself please

and I’m pretty much stuck where I’m at for the pay and I need 3rd shift so I can watch my kids 8 and 11 when there isn’t school

this area of N east PA only has a hospital ,nursing homes and prisons

Feb 09, 2008
Male user grumpy 7 posts

Topic: A Broader View / New guy here, juvenile jail staff

39 yrs old 6’3 280lbs former army national guard medic

I started working in juvenile corrections or treatment is what they call it here in N east PA about 9 yrs ago I started in a dorm type building with a private run facility was pretty great back then except for the low pay but it was a big change from busting my ass in factory jobs

anyway back then we the staff controlled everything 3 staff and 15 residents ages 16 to 20 it was a fun job because we didn’t fight everyday we sat around bullshitting and watching tv, having group discussions and really getting to know these guys and give them advice for the future

2 yrs later I transferred to the bootcamp part of the facility for better working hrs I worked 9pm to 5am so I could watch my kids at home during the daytime , bootcamp was fun but not strict enough in my opinion

3yrs later I go to work at my current job-its a state job but heres where it gets ugly-its run by DPW dept of public welfare so they are very very soft on the residents or inmates—this place was a shock hardcore gangbangers from Philly and the rules were/are very very soft so it is very unsafe and staff get no respect we have had riots and people are out on permanent disability due to various health problems

I work 11p to 7a but for the past 4 yrs I have been very stressed out because we get mandated for 16 hr shifts all the time and my coworkers are spoiled state workers with lots of sick time to burn so they call off—mostly on weekends

we get zero training in self defense we are understaffed so they have been hiring whoever puts their name in with the proper college degree-so thats where it gets even uglier-they higher young 21 yr old college kids skinny little boys and not so skinny girls-the girls fall in love with hotshot Tyrone from Philly and start having sex and bringing in contraband like—wire cutters cell phones drugs etc etc-its only a matter of time till they bring a gun in

so we have no training we have way too many females so when shit hits the fan the big male staff have to handle everything and the females run away

like I said this is called juvenile treatment—we are not given corrections officer training or weapons or pepper spray just a radio to call for help and most of the time nobody can hear the call or they are already working a 16hr shift and too tired and or lazy selfish to come running and help

I need a new job in a bad way I am miserable at work and home—I’ve gained 30lbs in the past 2 yrs from drinking beer

someone is gonna get killed in there

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