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Apr 01, 2008
Male user prisoncop 3 posts

Topic: The Club House / Public or Private?

i currently work for the BOP but i worked for CCA which is the largest private corrections company out there and i learned alot in the 11 some odd yrs i worked for them they do have some issues as far as no union and the way they can fire you for the least mistake but as far as training goes it is comparable to that of the BOP there was some defensive tactic training and such i have never had a use force that was questioned or second quessed while i was at CCA so they do back you up on that from Sgts on up do carry OC also and they would use it if need be and as far as the benefits i wasnt paying a dime for my health insurrance and my family was included and i see no different in it then what i have now i took a pay cut to come to the BOP so they do pay pretty good if here is the kicker you have the right contract we had USMS,ICE,and BOP inmates so thats why the pay was so good i learned alot at my time at CCA and was able to work with a variety of inmates from all over the world i see alot of things that are the same at CCA and BOP because the founder is an ex BOP director and most of their policy makers are ex BOP so the bottom line they should get just as much respect as those of us that are in public agencies because they are our brothers and sisters behind the line im through ranting thanks

Mar 29, 2008
Male user prisoncop 3 posts

Topic: The Club House / Women working in Corrections

i have been in corrections for almost 12 yrs and i have had a few Capts that were women as a matter of fact one of best was a female and there are some females i would rather go in a cell extraction with than a male i have seen weak males as well as weak females it is all about the love of the job your fellow officer and the public we are hired to protect behind these walls if you have have those male or female you are an officer and you should have your respect

Mar 29, 2008
Male user prisoncop 3 posts

Topic: The Club House / Private Prisons

first of all i will say this i worked for CCA which is the largest of the private prisons but now i currently work for the BOP in the area i worked we had a fed contract and they were paying more than any law enforcement agency around in fact i took a small cut to come to work for the feds it is not a bad place to work i see alot of simialarities to the fed system and cca because it is run by ex feds it all depends on the contract that the facility has that you are thinking about working for as far as the pay goes and benifits i know i was not paying a dime for my insurance and my family was on it

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