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Women working in Corrections


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41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

I live in one state and work in another that helps out me have 3 jobs also a P.I.
so I’m a busy mom of 2 . going to the gym chat later

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

maniac , no i didnt post my stuff about strings on what you said it was to the other 2 nuckle heads,,,,, and i have a very good sometime on the sick side sence of humor/ hell look at where we work…lolol and as far as my other jobs, they dont like it but i also dont cross the line with both . i do my job , i dont tell them the PD’S that I’m a correction officer i just go in do my job and get out. and there is a few that i have come across but there’s also the word respect,, i show them and in return i get it back… nice chatting with you….

Female user SERTCCDC 6 posts

WOW been a long time from Post to Post here
Let me say as other have said. Fair and consistent. I have been working for 10 yrs now. I work in a jail.. so we control them a little more due to the mix of inmates we have..have to keep them ALL safe you know. I work in an OPEN dorm setting and yes I work the Male dorms.. we house 74 inmate in a dorm designed for 64.so. Also the level of offender is going up..did have mostly ‘non’ violent inmates in the dorm section of the Jail and other where in North tower in cells.. but now have third Tower to open away form main complex so we will have everything here in the South tower. I am very careful and know my own limits. I am one one.. to 74.. not good odds male or female.
I am still on our SERT team and a FTO and will test for Sgt. on Sat. I have seen a lot of changes and seen the attitude of admin change.. Inmates can have all. So let us all be careful and not inter #$#*. It is us ‘the deck’ guard against the inmate and sometime admin..

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

Mr grumpy you have much of a chance of getting rape as i do working in corrections ,,, yes there are a few females that do not belong there i do gree on that but theres a small few them you have others like my self who can do the job … and being one of the F.T.O.‘s i have many of time’s said or wrote in my reports get them out of here and as you all know they dont not listen some seem to want to keep the week ones ,, i said some not all….
I think we should hook u up with that other old timer (unless u know each other already ) that little guy named brutepowa you would make a great couple.
maybe together you guys can rule the world ( in your own little minds )

Small 986654 maniac 12 posts

OMG!!!!!! I never said ANYTHING of the sort. WHat I said was actually a compliment.

Kinda hard to cut the strings when "momma"is in a completely diferent state huh…… LOL, oh well. I guess some people dont realize that some types of sarcasim just doesnt transfer well on the internet….me included.

A CO AND a bounty hunter? How does you state look at that? Here its really frowned upon… to the point that theres no one that i know of that does both. How many have you come across that you have captured in the prison? And how did that work out? Just curious.

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

one more thing,, it is going to be one of us females thats going to have to save your boots one day. you wait and see.

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

is someone still crying about us females working in a male prison? GET OVER IT !!!!!!!! or JUST GO POUND SAND BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are not going any where I’m gett sick of listening or reading crap from oh I dont know lets see hummmmm BRUTEPOWA!!!!! do you tell your girls if you had them i dont know anyway do you or would you tell them no you can’t do that, tha’ts for guys only job?… if you did i feel very sorry for them not u , just them not you ,you need to get out and go a new job cleaning out crap since that all you know about women who work in correction is CRAP!
I’ve been in for 7 years now and the other male officers still say the same thing ,,, they love being my partner and they even ask for me,,, cause i have there backs and i will jump in to save my partner if all hell breaks lose i have been trained just like all other females in corrections I’m also a F.T.O. and a bounty hunter. I work alone alot too . but as a corrections officer I am sad to still seee you in correction that goes for all cry babys who dont like to see us females in this field.. crap and i bet it you guys who have not even cut the strings ////// momma boys

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I have absolutely no qualms working with females. It’s already been said that some are good and some aren’t so good, just like the menfolk. I watch and help the new officers as much as they let me, and it doesn’t take long to see what kind of officer each will be. There are a lot of inmates who have major problems taking direction from a female, though, and that’s a huge hurdle for some women to clear.

Small 986654 maniac 12 posts

I work in a maximun male facility. One of our Sgt.s is a woman, I’d gues she’s somewhere between 5’6"- 5’8". Most of her time in corrections has been spent in the Ad-Seg units. She’s one of the toughest officers that we have there. I have worked for her several times and each and everytime that I worked for her, I knew with out a doubt that she had my back. forgive the expression.. she’s one tough broad.

Male user Marcfj 4 posts

“Male facilities are no place for a lady to work.”

I’ve also heard it said that “combat is no place for a woman”; yet, the Soviets used women extensively in combat during World War Two with great success. For example, the 2000 female snipers, whom the Russians deployed against the Germans, were responsible for killing 11,000 enemy soldiers. In fact, one such female sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, killed an incredible 309 German soldiers including 36 enemy snipers.

Male user algrob 24 posts

I trust the female corrections officers I work with more than I trust some of the males. As far as being my supervisor some day I welcome it, already worked with one and hold her in very high regard, she is the best. So much for my little input.

Garfield Irishsprig 16 posts

grumpy… your a bonehead! Bet you are one to talk tuff & run! I have been in corrections for 18 years, and yes have had to put inmates on the wall, break up fights, and go nose to nose with pissed off pieces of crap! At no time have I EVER run from a confrontation! Had male officers run though… so listen here bubba…. once I get things handled in the pod… and I find you, wherever you hid… I am gonna wait for you in the parking lock for a little “discussion” of our own!

Female user terischa 2 posts

Hello to all I hope all is well I have a question I would like toknow how do I get into the Corrections Officer Career. listening to that man Made me really want to push Forward I have my Assoicate in Criminal and now i’am working on my Bachelor’s Help my Fellow CO’s

Female user CheckMyResume 2 posts

It is hilarious that in this day in age someone would have to audacity to say that a woman is unable to handle a male prision. I work in a female prision and I have seen numerous men fired from having relationships with these women, I’ve seen men fired for having relationships with other men. Don’t think that women are the only ones that can be pieces of crap and have inappropiate relationships with inmates. I’ve been on both sides of the fence and these people that get officers hurt, bring drugs into the institutions and take inmates sides are both genders. I have never NOT responded to a man down that I was able to; be it male or female and in most instances both needed my help assistance and I’m a woman. Granted, you can probably take a punch from a man better than I can but know that I can still take one and handle what needs to be handled in the process. Women add a well needed balance into the system that we’re in and it needs to be appreciated

Male user ready to retire 1 post

I am a over the 50 female officer/Former Sert with 22 years in the department. I do as much as my male partners do. it depends on how you present yourself to the inmates. I see Male Macho officers who have the I’m going to kick their a* attitutde who eventually get their ass kicked. And I’ve seen the meek female officer who needs to turn in her mascarea. Bottom line be fair and consistent. If their being a ahole tell them to stop their F* s* and tow the line right. Be there for your partner ALWAYS! Always be willing to learn from other officers. You can never know everything.

Female user one hardnose... 1 post

I am a woman and I take great offense to the fact that there are men out there that still think that women do not belong in an all male prison. I have three degrees in Criminal Justice and a minor degree in Corrections. I have been debating about going to work at a local prison. I have a male friend that has been a CO there for about 8 years. He hit the roof when I made the comment that I was thinking about going to work out there. His major concern was more for my safety. I am a small woman and he voiced concerns about being man handled. (There are not enough people working as CO’s in this prison, in turn the CO’s that are there often end up working double shifts several times a month). I may be a small woman, but that does not mean I cannot handle myself as a CO. I was raised with two older brothers and two younger brothers and believe me, I learned how to fight and protect myself many years ago.( I not down playing the dangers that are faced by CO’s) I have great respect for them. But I do have the ability to hold my own when needed. In the past ten years I have been in two very dangerous situation’s that both involved very unstable and violent people. One was a woman with a load 38 handgun. She had the full intentions of killing her children and then herself. I not only did not freak out but I was able to talk her into giving me the gun and then letting the local area police take her into custody. The second was a armed robber at a store I worked at. I was the only person out front when this man came in and started asking me about the security system in the store. A red flag went up and I was able to out smart this guy by telling him that right at that very moment he was on six different camera’s and every move he was making was being recorded. Plus I informed him that I had a hot button on the floor and if there ever was a problem all I had to do was step on it and the doors would lock and the police would be there in minutes.I totally bluffed my way through this one. He left the store sweating like a pig. I made a report to the police and at first they did not think it was anything to be concerned about, they thought he was just a weirdo, that was until he went to another store and robbed them at gun point. He not only took the money, he pistoled whipped the clerk and almost killed her. I think back to this one often. He could have killed me. I think that women can deal with inmates if they keep a cool head and be smart. You never place trust in an inmate and never become friends. You need to show them who is in charge. Keep your personal life out of the prison and stay professional. Don’t ever let them see that you are scared. They feed off this and will use it against you.

Male user ohiogreenshirt 5 posts

I see both sides. I have had my experiences with female C.O.’s. Some good/some bad. Just remember, ladies, please don’t stirr stuff up with the inmates and step back to let the men have to give the attitude adjustment on an inmate. That has happened to me more than once. That ol’ “sick em boy” mentality doesn’t fly with most male C.O.’s. If you want to stay there with me and monkey-dump together, that’s fine, but don’t run your mouth then run your ass to safety or pretend you were doing something else when things have to get physical.

Female user correctionsgirl 1 post

its crazy how girls are intrested in becoming corrections officer cause i know im all about it and actually im going to school for it and then im going to be a corrections probation officer for juveniles. i think if a girl has the passion then they should be able to do anything they want

Male user bosky1 4 posts

I have been in several situations where a female officer has been able to defuse it when the male officers were getting ready to rush in and kick ass…unfortunatley in my facility that means that at least 1 or 2 are going on light duty after.

Gun  custom   wince   small lgh85 4 posts

I have worked in corrections 23 years and find very little difference in female staff and male. You have a few very good C/Os a few poor and the majority in the middle this is true of male and female.

Male user prisoncop 3 posts

i have been in corrections for almost 12 yrs and i have had a few Capts that were women as a matter of fact one of best was a female and there are some females i would rather go in a cell extraction with than a male i have seen weak males as well as weak females it is all about the love of the job your fellow officer and the public we are hired to protect behind these walls if you have have those male or female you are an officer and you should have your respect

Male user keyman 3 posts

Not sure where you are coming from but there are some females I would rather have as backup than some males.You know what I mean the cry babies that whine all the time,wont look a convict in the eye and run at the first sign of trouble.My wife is a c/o as well as me and she is like a freakin’ pitbull.She will get in thier face,back them up and write them up in a heart beat.But she has been doing this for five years and myself ten years.Be safe.

Male user grumpy 7 posts

I hate working with females -in my 9yrs working in juvenile corrections it has been nothing but problems-they fuck the inmates-bring in contraband, the whole lack of respect thing makes for some bad shifts-the kids look around-by kids I mean 17-22 yr old gangbangers from Philly-they look around and see a weak shift and then they start trying to do their own thing and then a staff confronts them and they talk back—and get away with it and laugh

I have worked with females who run away from restraints or will flat out look at me and tell me hey go restrain him he called me a bitch-she is a bitch and I don’t restrain inmates as punishment for disrespect-only to control them if they can’t control themselves

male staff have to do more work when there are females on shift-not only putting out more fires so to speak but by doing more strip searches-watching the showers and bathroom call—doing the transports

the last female that I talked to used to say yeah I can hold my own in a fight -then I asked when was the last time ypou were ina fist fight-they say never—so I saiod you have never been punched in the face by a 200+lb guy and kept going

so then I ask

if you are getting raped by 4 thugs lets call them all tyrone--you call for help on the radio-her eyes get real big because she never even thought about rape before-I ask who do you want to see coming around the corner to save you-another female your size or a staff like me 6’3 280lbs of miserable bastard--the answer that all 20 or so females has given mewas-well if you put it that way—I want you coming to save me

then I ask if it is fair that every time there is an assistance call that everyone turns to me and the other big males and say go go go

i ask is it fair or who will tell my kids when I’m dead or in the hospital that daddy called for help but only little Andrea was working and she ran the other way or she tried to help but got tossed down the hallway

remember i work juvenile treatment/corrections-we get no equipment—no self defense training-just a radio to call for help

not safe-stay out of the prisons ladies-it causes problems-and you could get raped-or get someone besides yourself killed

have I explained it clear enough—you make my life hell

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

“You can get involved with every staff member at your facility as long as they are not an inmate. Good luck with your career.” -gjoint

Yeah, if but if you get involved with every staff member at your facility, your career will probably not be a fun or a long one. So you would need the good luck, lol !

Female user gjoint 2 posts

I have worked in corrections for 10 years now and still love it. I am the Safety Specialist at an all male facility, I started as an officer and have promoted up from there. You should listen to Magikcat38, she knows what she is talking about. Here is a little more advice. You need to learn to be a professional Bitch. In other words, you need to remember that you are an officer first a female second. Don’t cross the line. It does not mean that you are a bitch all of the time, but if you remain firm, fair and consistent, your going to be know as a bitch that they can’t or don’t want to cross. Here are some common sense guidelines that I live by when it comes to inmates. Treat them all the same. If an inmate waves at you don’t wave back, you are only asking for more attention. It’s a game to see how far they can get you to go and it starts with a wave. If you are whistled at, address it. Guys will tell you to ignore it, but don’t. They will continue until they get a response from you, good or bad. Never say “thank you”, giggle or laugh when whistled at. Be firm; let the inmate(s) know that it is not acceptable to whistle at you. If they call you names don’t let it hurt your feelings, it just means that you’re doing your job. Don’t discuss your looks with them it just opens you up for more of this type of behavior. For instance, an inmate told me I smelled good and I told him “it’s deodorant and that they sell it in the canteen if he wanted some”. He told me “that was fucked up”. I told him that my personal appearance was not up for discussion and he never said anything like that to me again. Never discuss your personal business with them. If they ask how your day, weekend etc. is going, just say “great”. If they ask you what you did, just say “nothing special”, it ends the conversation. I think you get my meaning about being a professional bitch. I say “hi” and “good morning”. I am polite. If I see an inmate not acting right or in distress, I ask him what is going on. I am not a problem solver, but I might be able to send him in the right direction. If they ask me if I can do them a favor, I tell them that I don’t do favors, but if I can help I will. The best way to make a name for yourself as someone not to mess with, but is a fair officer, is to know the rules and regulations. Follow the post orders, the policies and the procedures. If you are asked a question and don’t know an answer, tell them you don’t know, but will find out and then do so. Stand by your word. Don’t lie to them or tell them what they want to hear. Don’t discuss staff with inmates and don’t have private conversations around inmates. If an inmate is talking bad about a staff member you need to address it and let them know it is unacceptable to do so. Don’t play their games. Be known as the officer that will and does enforce all rules. If everyone would enforce the small “petty” rules, there would be less major problems in corrections. Be firm going in and then you can lighten up. Remember that a “no” can be changed to a “yes” without a problem, but a “yes” changed to a “no” causes all sorts of problems. As a female and fellow officer remember this one rule above all others, “INMATES ARE OFF LIMITES”. You can get involved with every staff member at your facility as long as they are not an inmate. Good luck with your career.

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