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Women working in Corrections


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Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

” I agree with you. Its those male officers that run around with short man complexs always trying to be something. They feel that we arent capable of doing the same job as them. “

Please do be capable of doing the man’s job, start strip searching these guys, I’m tired of doing it…

magiccat28 your boobs are welcome on my turf anytime..lol

just being sarcastic, women are welcome in my unit anytime. Worked with both the good and the bad, of BOTH sexes. there are women I’d trust before some men and vice versa. point is if they are willing to do the job, welcome aboard.

Female user magikcat28 2 posts

oh yea… and for the asshole that thinks women dont belong in male prisons…. kiss my ass you backwoods, 1950’s re-run! I belong wherever I damn well please! As does every other hard working woman in todays society! I would back up ANY officer…. even one like you…. and would do it because it is my JOB… and because when push comes to shove we can only depend on each other for safety and protection. Too bad you dont look at things that way instead of seeing me as just a pair of boobs intruding on your MALE turf!! I guarantee you…. if you were getting shanked.. you would be damn glad us WOMEN didnt run away and came to help you…you wouldnt give a damn WHO was pulling that inmate off you!! Male or Female… we all have to work together and build a stronger community and backbone or we ALL fail!!

Female user magikcat28 2 posts

I am a female CO working in a max sec all male offender prison. The best advice I have been given applies to ALL CO’s and that is ALWAYS be FAIR FIRM AND CONSISTANT. The inmates will not always like your decisions but if they see you doing the same for every inmate they will learn to respect you. The only way to get any respect in this line of work is to EARN it…. male or female… these guys will spot weakness and indecisiveness a mile away!! They got where they are by preying on those weaker than them and they will continue to do so when given the chance. Be prepared to back up your decisions by whatever means necessary… whether that be talking or action. The other advice I would give is this…. whatever type of CO your gunna be… a hardass…. or a softie…. whatever it is… be that CO ALL the time… not just some days… not just when your having a bad day… not when your just in a good mood!! IF your a hardass.. by the book.. type of CO (which I happen to be) then you gotta be that way every day.. all day… no exceptions!!

OH yea.. one other thing…. dont let these guys get to ya… they will call ya every name in the book… they will try to sweet talk you…they will try to you talk about your family or home life ect…. remember who your dealing with.. and never forget where your at… they will use whatever you give them against you the first chance they get…they have nothing to do all day but figure out ways to improve their lives and get back at those of us who are keeping them “down” or “locked up” or whatever. Since most of those I deal with are lifers they have NOTHING to lose by playing whatever games they want…. what am I gunna do… take their TV away??? Throw them in the hole??? Big whoop… once you have been locked up for a while and know your never getting out.. who cares? If they kill you… what is the state gunna do?? Give them ANOTHER life sentence?? Just keep your chin up… you eyes OPEN… and your hand on your OC and assist button!! You will do fine!! Once the other CO’s see you mean business.. your not gunna run away…and you have a good head on your shoulders they will lighten up on you and embrace ya as one of them!!

Female user hereigo 2 posts

Bodybuilding?! Not a bad idea!!! :)

Female user SERTCCDC 6 posts

oh by the way.. I bodybuild.

Female user SERTCCDC 6 posts

I just found this post/board. I have worked corrections/jail for 9 yrs now. I am on the responds team and work with both male and female inmate.. I do not have a problem working in an open dorm male unit(74 inmate one of me). I tell it like it is to inmates and have learned to read body langue. We do have female Officers that will now work the male dorms… and I do not want them to..they think they are toooo pretttteis. So it all in how you handle yourself.

Female user hereigo 2 posts

I’m currently a criminal justice student. However, i’m in the process of applying for a CO position at a local minimum-security prison. Not only am I female, but i’m also 43 yrs. old. I’m a bit anxious about it but at the same time feel that i’m finally doing what i’m meant to be doing with my life. I enjoy reading the comments and advice!!

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

officermerc you sound like a smart man

Male user 1265 13 posts

Seaspirit is absolutely right! Back up what you say and get ready for the ones that will test you. Your consistency over time will give you a good rep and respect with the inmates.I have had the pleasure of working with several female officers. If you do this gig long enough you will meet male or female officers that should be employed elsewhere. But I can tell you from experience. I have worked with females that I would trust in ANY situation! One was 5’4” tall and could punch your lights out in a heartbeat! DO NOT be intimidated by ANYONE-Officers or inmates. Stay with it and learn from the ladies that have been there. Good Luck to you and Stay Safe!

Male user bhkidd 7 posts

I have several female officers under my supervision, and I will say that they are some of the best officers I have.

Male user OfficerMerc 8 posts

I’m not touching this one with a ten foot pole.

Female user CO826 3 posts

Seaspirlt, I agree with your above post… I’ve heard seasoned veterans in MO-DOC say the same. That they’ve never seen a woman run from trouble but countless men have. Do we have something to prove? No, just duty to act. If your running, why are you working there in the first place?

Female user Seaspirlt 7 posts

In reply to Brute powa & puck9921….funny thing I feel I should share is that in all my time in DOCS I have yet to see a woman running from trouble but have seen my fair share of shameless men run away or pretend they didnt hear the radio call. Also more than once I have heard our more senior veterans state they would rather have certain female Officers respond over the male officers in the area.Just food for thought :)

Female user Seaspirlt 7 posts

arzkttn….I am a female CO that has been working in male maximum state prisons for 7 years now. There are 2 points to consider…..first off….when you give an order be prepared to back it up physically…yourself. Yes you have backup but you cant stand there and do nothing then want your back up to do everything….the inmates as well as your fellow officers will lose respect. So if the order is not followed get in there and enforce it. Jesusofficer was right on that. It may seem drastic but it works. On another point…something I have seen in the past….is a female CO that spends her shifts flirting with the male CO’s and/or is dating a CO and it is common knowledge in the facility. Not saying you are doing this…however if you find yourself dating someone you work with…keep it under your hat. Inmates seem to lose respect for these women and go out of thier way to test them. Above all else treat every inmate in the same manner…do not play favorites or trust one more than another. I dont know if this will help you but I hope it does. Hang in there, sometimes it takes awhile for the inmates to realize you mean business but once they do you will be good to go.

Female user CO826 3 posts “Igoturback, I agree with you. Its those male officers that run around with short man complexs always trying to be something. They feel that we arent capable of doing the same job as them. . .Newsflash. I can, I do and I will be your supervisor one day Mr. Puck9921”

I agree with LADYGUARD here… I too am a female officer working in a level 3-2 male facility. I can’t preach enough about being firm, fair, & consistant. Also what ever happened to giving respect to get re-spect? I apply this method to the guys in my housing unit which consists of me & up to 130 inmates in an open bay setting. To this date, I have not written a CDV or Use of Force form. Thats how much re-spect I get from these guys. Sometimes all it takes is someone that will listen to an inmate talk to make a difference. You just have to remember to keep your personal life out of it.

Female user LADYGUARD 3 posts

Igoturback, I agree with you. Its those male officers that run around with short man complexs always trying to be something. They feel that we arent capable of doing the same job as them. . .Newsflash. I can, I do and I will be your supervisor one day Mr. Puck9921

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts


That is why we have to work together, not against each other.

Male user puck9921 2 posts

Male officers are very limited to their job duties in a womens’ facility. Women in a male facility have more leeway on how they perform their duties. They build female facilities for female officers to work there. I will stay at the male facility if you stay at yours. Yes, I am a neanderthal!

Male user Jesusofficer 6 posts

Oh,sister officer…i forgot to mention….when you hit the body alarm mentally keep in mind the time it takes for the CERT team or the arrival of other officewrs to come to your aid after you start yelling ” don not resist!”...by the time they come your energy levels should be proplerly spent and the real “counseling’ can commence..

Male user Jesusofficer 6 posts

Hay sister Officer…hats off to you. I salute you for holdin it down inside there…having said that i think you might have a tougher road to travel only because how many times do female officers get trapped off doing the same shit over and over again ( Contraband or relations with the inmates..etc.). After a while it becomes like a broken record. To the point that you have to try twice as hard to earn your RESPECT. As far as earning RESPECT from the crooks….ONLY ONE WAY… 1)OC THE FIRST ASSHOLE WHO SMART MOUTHS YOU. 2) Hit your body alarm..count to three then wail away at the asshole. Believe me while these tactics might seem extreme its the ONLY way to get a rep amongst those cockroaches. You decide if you want an easy twenty or a rough twenty… Be careful

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

brutepowa , You have to be old or just waiting for your retirement, or just scared that we women can do a better job.

Male user Marriedwithc... 6 posts

I have seen it working both ways.Just having a woman there can prevent a problem or be the problem. However that applies to everyone male or female. It comes under the heading of resouce management.The womans place is no longer only in the home.

Male user IllPhillyPhan 11 posts

Male facilities are no place for a lady to work.

Welcome to the 21st century! What are you a neanderthal?

Actually, for the most part, it seems most inmates give more respect to female officers than male (sex offenders aside), but as is the case in most facilities, as long as your fair, firm and consistent, you shouldn’t have any problems. And whatever you do, never let an inmate think that they can intimidate you.

Female user hny4jc 2 posts

Male facilities are no place for a lady to work.


Male user brutepowa 1 post

Male facilities are no place for a lady to work.

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